Larry Henry Bio and Candidate Statement District 10 Seat Seat B

May 6 Primary

America has become bloated and self-satisfied, and we fell asleep … and while we slept and trusted those we elected to represent us, those elected officials dug us into an economic pit, and backed us into a bureaucratic corner. That’s Washington, DC, Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Blount County Commission has done the same thing to the tune of $221,000,000,ninety million of which is an adjustable rate mortgage. The sheriff doesn’t need 260 automobiles, our Blount Partnership doesn’t require any additional tax dollars, and we don’t need more tax increases or further debt.

I’m Larry Henry and I’m running for Seat B,Section 10,which is Louisville, TN. I grew up in South Knoxville, attended Young High, and graduated UT. My background is the Marine Corps, residential construction and land development, I’m an active real estate broker with Ferguson Realtors, plus I’ve written three novels. I’m also a member of the Tea Party. We believe in the Constitution, God and country. Progressives and the media call us names. The name I prefer is “Patriot.”

There are fourteen of us running against the Blount County Commission.

Our friend Kenlyn Foster is running for Juvenile Judge.

We need your votes in the May 6th Primary.

Thank You

Larry Henry
4809 Riversedge Road
Louisville, TN 37777

Keep your money – Fire your Commissioners

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Daily Times, but Dean Stone refused to publish it.

Keep your money – Fire your Commissioners

The past four years has proven that our incumbent County Commissioners are very good at three things; spending, borrowing and raising taxes.

First, spending – I publicly challenge the board to name one major spending request from a county department head, in the last four years where the board voted down their request.

Second, borrowing – for the past two years, the board’s “solution” to the recession and revenue shortfall was to deplete $10 Million from the Rainy Day Fund rather than control government spending. Are you aware that 24% of the County Budget now goes to paying the interest to finance their Debt?

Third, raising taxes–to help hide their gross mismanagement of government spending, twice the Board used “our children as political hostages” asking the citizens to raise the county sales tax rate as a ransom for “our children’s education.” If that wasn’t bad enough, the Board wasted $80,000 of our tax dollars to hold a special election asking the voters to vote in a $35 Wheel Tax; which was soundly rejected by 2 to 1 margin.

Believe it or not, these County Commissioners are proud of their record; so proud that they have the unmitigated gall to run for re-election.

The Board has admitted that they are at least $4 million short in the next year’s budget. If you re-elect your incumbent County Commissioners on May 6th, I promise you that they will raise your property taxes in June!

Our County Commissioners have proven that they are very good at spending, borrowing and raising taxes. Only YOU can stop this nonsense.

Keep your money – Fire Your Commissioners. Vote the incumbents out of office on May 6th.


Richard Hutchens

Voting on May 6th can make a difference

By Paula Kirby

Blount County citizens are seeking new blood to sit in the Commission seats. Blount county is 220 million dollars in debt spending 6 million dollars more than  they took in last year. The  commissioners voted on a wheel tax and they voted to increase sales tax, all in an effort to cover the current Commissioners wasteful spending of taxpayers money.

Commissioners are voted into office by the people to be OUR voice in the Commission seat. Their responsibility is to vote for US not just themselves!! This is not what I see when I’ve attended the Commission meetings. I have seen Blount County citizens go to the podium and beg them not to vote on these things and “WE” THE BLOUNT COUNTY CITIZENS are just ignored!!

14 Blount county citizens are running against commission incumbent seats. 14 people like you and I who are tired of not being heard!! This is our opportunity as citizens of Blount County to change our county government for the better!!!

PLEASE VOTE MAY 6th only we the people can make a difference!!!

Two good signs

This gentleman was seen driving through the Courthouse parking lot.  I like his choice of signs.  ;-)
We can and will take back our County government for we the people, with your support.
Let freedom ring!


Tax Increase Dates

Please remember these dates when voting.

Blount County Commission Tax Increases during current 4 year term:

Property Tax Increase at the June 2011 meeting
Sales Tax Increase proposed at the August 2012 meeting
Wheel Tax proposed at the April 2013 meeting
Sales Tax Increase proposed at the February 2014 meeting

Let freedom ring!

Voting provides opportunity to stop the tax and spenders

By Suzy Bowman

As you are all aware, our Blount County Board of Commissioners operate as a ‘facade’.

They ‘APPOINT’ their politically biased cronies to committees to insure their WASTEFUL SPENDING and RAISING TAXES AGENDA gets enacted.  There is little opportunity for discussion before they VOTE, in what I would assess as ‘ASSEMBLY-LINE’ or ‘DOMINO’ fashion, allowing little opportunity for redress – which they totally IGNORE anyway. As with the FRAUD in the White House, they generally have one or more ‘political shills’ to read a prearranged scripted statement to commend them for their fine leadership. One does not have to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to reach the conclusion it is all an EVIL corrupted process led by individuals who DO NOT represent the best interest of the citizens of Blount County.

Only if people come out to VOTE will we be able to see truly meaningful change.

The PRIMARY Election is the MOST IMPORTANT election!

Early voting begins April 16.

The precincts are at the Blount County Court House, the old Everett High School, and the Pellissippi Center on 321.