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Where are the Republican “front-runners” on this?

Today’s guest post is by Eric Holcombe

Or “other Republicans” (including Ron Paul, John Boehner, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Jimmy Duncan) or the “Media” (including Drudge and Beck) or “the Democrats”, etc? They are talking about gas prices, the oil pipeline to nowhere and etch-a-sketches and jokes about “flat-earthers” instead.

What is President Obama so afraid of?

Don’t be fooled. This executive order is long and took a while to put together. Obama sure didn’t craft it himself and it is being implemented with little fanfare from either Big Two party – exactly as intended. In fact, it is an amendment of older business by both Big Two parties (see the end).

Unless your candidate for President of the US will vow to repeal this unconstitutional garbage (as an executive order, this is the definition by default), you shouldn’t vote for them. Obama is already a lame duck. This is part of the reason more outrageous lawlessness will be perpetrated by Obama in his remaining days. He is designed to lose the election. Romney WILL be the RNC’s chosen one and will be the winner between he and Obama. The “conservative Republican” calls are already beginning for Santorum the sacrificial anode to quit. The familiar phrase “a vote for anybody but Romney is a vote for Obama” will be heard very soon.

But neither party will change this executive order. You need to be asking why.

Are you thinking, “so, what – this is only for use “in times of war””?

Remember that undeclared “war on terror” thing? The one that can never end because we didn’t declare war against a defined enemy that can be defeated? We are now permanently “in times of war”. You are now the terrorist. You and your food or your car or your tractor or the parts for your car or tractor or your medicine. Your garden is a threat to national defense. The government will just steal it and force you into service. And if you read closely, it doesn’t have to be “in times of war” or “emergencies” but also in “peacetime”.


I welcome any suggestions. Your search can begin in 1994 with Bill Clinton and Executive Order 12919 and then its amendment in 2003 by Executive Order 13286 by George W. Bush who altered it to include the Dept. of Homeland Security (the unconstitutional federal army policing the citizens). This latest executive order is just another amendment.

Think about what this all means when you realize it started LONG before what you know as the “war on terror”. Who held the congressional majority back in 1994 again? Who was there spouting off about Contract with America again? Wasn’t there something about a girl in a blue dress? Maybe you’d also like to review the balance of power from 2003. Nobody is clean here.

If your hope is in a political party, it is misplaced.

Is this the conservatism Tennesseans have been waiting 140 years for?

Today’s guest post is by Eric Holcombe.

Who is the secret senator that Tennessee Republicans are protecting?

1st Post – revealing the back-door budget language sabotage by a secret legislator returning tax dollars to the abortophiles at Planned Parenthood

The Plot Thickens  Sen. Campfield talks to Doug Himes, attorney for the legislature that drafts budget language who helped make the change for the still unnamed legislator and claimed “attorney/client privilege” in not revealing who he conspired with to make the illegal change. Tom Humphrey reports on this and gives some more detail. Himes will not comment on whether Sen. Campfield contacted him or not, but says they do not make any changes unless directed to do so by a legislator. Campfield claims Himes told him it was someone on the House side that gave direction. So, it’s a legislator, and most likely a Republican one. House speaker Harwell says it isn’t her.  Rep. Gerald McCormick says it isn’t him. Rep. Charles Sargent can’t be reached, but later tells Sen. Campfield that “it came from the Senate” and he had instructed two Senators to ‘fix it’. Still no name(s). Assuming Sen. Campfield didn’t lie about his conversations with Himes and Sargent, either Himes or Sargent (or both) are lying about who gave direction to make the change. At least one of the three is not telling the whole truth.

On to the Senate side. Senate Majority leader Mark Norris says it isn’t him.  Then, Speaker Harwell and Lt. Gov. Ramsey issue a joint press release….that doesn’t reveal the criminal activity behind the scenes, but suggests that the criminal activity has some merit to it because without it the entire budget would be jeopardized (in true Federal Reserve/Tim Geithner appeal-to-fear form). In fact, it appears they have worked with the legal department (remember, the one that made illegal changes and then claimed attorney-client privilege against you) to concoct a face-saving way out of this. Sen. Campfield provides analysis of the release, points out parts that are not true, and begins to call on Gov. Haslam to line item veto the illegally changed portion of the budget. He could do that, and at the same time make good on a campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

So at this point, I believe it is very likely Harwell, Ramsey, Himes and Sargent know who did it. Maybe Sen. Campfield does too. He and Ramsey were co-sponsors of the amendment, so Ramsey has no apparent reason to sabotage it. Then, suddenly, everything is all better. But no one is going to root out the real problem, which is the conspiracy between the legal department and the secret Senator(s). Sure, Ron Ramsey has said he’ll work “behind the scenes” to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  “Asked if that means the results of his inquiry into what occurred and who was responsible will never be made public, Ramsey replied, “That’s a possibility.”  I’ll tell you what Lt. Gov., let the truth be known, and the voters will take care of that.

Why is the Republican leadership hiding this? I can see either: a)Republican leadership is choosing their party and its damage control over the rule of law and the constituents, or b) this is being hidden for future political leverage over the guilty party, who is allegedly on their side. In either case, there are now not only Republicans willing to subvert the will of your elected representatives by altering passed legislation, but also Republican leadership that is willing to hide and protect them. Unfortunately for the honest legislators (some of whom happen to be in the Republican party), they have also been betrayed by the majority party. Whatever you sponsor/cosponsor/vote on can get changed in a back room after the fact with support of Conservative Republican™ leadership. Even Gov. Haslam doesn’t seem too interested: “But it is not something I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out.

Sen. Campfield is willing to let it drop as long as he got what he was looking for (defunding Planned Parenthood) and likens this to kissing ugly girls at the prom and taking the pretty one home. From here, it looks like the pretty girl has had plastic surgery, fake teeth and a wig and is only interested in riding in your nice car.

Is this the conservatism Tennesseans have been waiting 140 years for? It isn’t what I am looking for. Save the tux rental and stop going to the two-party prom. Buy the truth and sell it not.

Commissioner Rick Carver Apologizes to Constituent and Reverses Position by Supporting Free Speech

Today’s guest post is written by Ron Peercy.

So I’m out tooling around Alcoa last week when who do I almost bump into? None other than Rick Carver. He had actually called me the previous Saturday to, first off, apologize for the way he came off after the last meeting, and to see if we might be able to sit down together over the weekend or early in the week. I was caught completely off guard, did have several things going on the weekend, and so I said that it sounded good but I’d need to get back with him. I pretty much decided I wanted to keep my weekend free for family, and that rare but inevitable ‘out- of –the – blue’ party invite, which only comes when you’ve already made plans.

So, I didn’t get back to him. And then we run into one another. Must say, it was not an uncomfortable moment! I did apologize for the weekend; he said no problem, did I have some time right then and there? I made a quick decision and said, Sure!

Short walk to his office and gracious host that he is, offered me coffee, fetched it, sat down, and again apologized for his previous accusatory demeanor. I told him it was forgotten and that I appreciated his willingness to listen to me. Again, my CRS is alive and in full force, and I didn’t take notes, so I don’t have a lot of detail.

First we talked about the proposed ban on applause. I said I could see the need to maintain some level of decorum, but he and his peers had to understand that, due to the popular perception that most Commissioners weren’t listening to constituents anyway, there is a lot of emotion that has to be vented. He seemed surprised at my revelation but said he hoped it wouldn’t be necessary to ban applause. I said that would be insult on top of injury. He brought up the manner in which the message is often delivered. His feeling is that it comes across in a not respectful tone and that he was always taught that when you are speaking to the CEO of a company, you do so with respect. I said that, as someone new to the process, I could see that there does appear to be a barrier and that there is probably work needing to be done. Having said that, we all know that things happen for a reason, right? So is the problem the “chicken,” or the “egg?” Or could there be both?

I said many County residents feel that the Commissioners would rather take the easy way out and pass along a tax increase and that I was one of many who believe that it will be extremely damaging to our credit rating at the least, and to our financial future at worst for the determination to be made that no one is in charge of the SS Blount County. He agreed, but said he felt that his peers are concerned about this important issue, and that he had personally looked into some issues in the SO. He told me that he’d been “hearing a rumor” that there wouldn’t be a tax increase this year, and that there were plans to see where there might be overspending.

He thanked me for sitting down with him, and asked me to encourage others to contact him to arrange to meet with him. All in all I felt that it went well, I will plan to meet with him again and will try to do so on a regular basis. And it will be interested to see what happens in the next few months. After all, the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it?

Comment by Tona Monroe:
Tonight I attended the Rules Ad Hoc Committee and Commissioner Carver voted to remove the previously adopted ban on applause and to allow Commissioners to yield 1 extra minute to constituents residing in their district.

Commissioner Rick Carver Accuses Constituent and Supports Free Speech Ban

Todays guest post is written by Blount County Taxpayer Ron Peercy.

At the Blount Co. Budget Committee Meeting on Monday night, Tona and I stayed behind to talk with friends, Linda and Joe King.  Just about everyone else had already left.  As I  was leaving the row we had occupied and was lagging behind the others I heard a voice behind me say, “Excuse me!” I turned and faced a man I personally didn’t recognize except that I felt he had been part of the meeting just ended. (I know, but I have misplaced my new glasses, and am relying on an older pair.)

He says..and I am paraphrasing as I do suffer from mild CRS syndrome…” I remember you from the last Commission Meeting. You were hooting.” I said, I absolutely did NOT hoot.  I let go with several “Hear! Hear!s” but no hooting. He seemed to doubt that I was speaking truth, and even said, “I’m pretty sure I heard hoots.”  I said, “I don’t remember hearing hoots, and I certainly didn’t! (and wouldn’t! After all, “hooting” is, in my mind anyway, reserved for informal gatherings; like bars and clubs, concerts, rasseling, and, well, Hooters!)

So then he goes into the need for [crowd control] I don’t remember how he phrased it. I told him I could understand his point of view, (It has to be very annoying to hear a lot of people cheering for speech after speech reminding you of what a crappy job you’re doing.) but he needed to understand that a lot of people are quite emotional about very important issues they are convinced aren’t being addressed, and you have to allow some expression.

About this time I saw Tona out of the corner of my eye to my left, and she made a comment about the proposal to ban applause.  He looked at her with, I don’t know, disdain? contempt?  And said, “I was speaking with him.” I said, “She is a friend.”  Then the conversation about the concept of banning applause briefly continued.

At some point, and I don’t remember if I asked him just who he was, or what, but it was none other than Rick Carver, Commissioner from District 5.  Turns out I live in Dist. 5.  Wow.  Small world.

I commented that I thought it was absurd that one of the Commissioners (Jim Folts) had put together a study illustrating how much more is spent in Blount than in nearby counties when everything is adjusted for population, etc. and this eye-opening study has, by all accounts, been all but ignored by most Commissioners!  This led to an exchange with Tona with him alleging he had asked for a copy of the study and was denied; then that Mr. Folts had said that Tona and Linda King had put it together for him.  Tona informed Carver that she had done some research on property appraisals, but did not contribute to Jim’s presentation.  Tona had her facts straight and didn’t back down.  Gotta love that about her.  So, we effectively, and masterfully side-stepped the substance of the over-spending issue!

So Mr. C asked me if I was originally from the area, and we talked about Indiana, where I’m from and where he has relatives; how ugly and flat most of the state is, particularly in winter.  Yep! Indy was a great place to grow up, not a good place to live if you have a choice. But I digress.

I gave him my card, told him it was good to meet him, and he shook my hand, and said something like he was “looking forward to working with me.”  And we left.

Comment by Tona:
I did not participate in the research or development of Jim Folts and Citizens for Better Government’s County government comparison presentation.  When Commissioner Rick Carver stated that he heard Jim Folts state that I and Linda King helped Jim with his presentation, I stated that I did not and that I never heard Jim make any such statement.  Could it be that Carver was simply fishing to obtain the names of Citizens for Better Government members? 

After refuting Carver’s misstatement, he then began complaining about Jim Folts not providing the slides for his presentation after he had attended it twice.  I encouraged him to ask Jim for the slides, since had attended the presentation twice.  Apparently Commission Carver took my advice, because he asked for and received slides at Jim’s presentation on Monday. ‘

Also, Ron Peercy sat near me at the April Commission meeting and I distinctly remember him saying here here.  There was no hooting from him as Carver alleges.