Seven Reasons to Vote for the Libertarian Party

From Reason:

1. The Libertarian Party supports all of your freedoms, all of the time
2. The Libertarian Party is consistent and principled
3. Voting for old party politicians tells them that you want to keep government big
4. Voting Libertarian is the only clear message you can send
5. Voting Libertarian forces the old parties to take the libertarian positions
6. Because the old parties don’t want you to
7. Voting Libertarian helps your favorite “libertarian-leaning old party politician

For great explanations to each of these reasons, click the link above or here.


April 2014 Begins the enforcement of the Real ID Act 2005 Constitutional Alliance – This is no April Fools Joke

Biometric identification for nearly all citizens is here.  I tried to stop this for years, but failed.

From Mark at the Constitutional Alliance:

To all:

This month is the first month in the enforcing of the Real ID Act 2005.
The Constitutional Alliance has published a new article today explaining the enforcement as it will play out this year and subsequent years.  You can read the article by visiting 
If you did not take the time to read the previous article “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” you should when visiting our web-site.
It is sad, actually pitiful when lawmakers do not take the time to read legislation before voting on that legislation.  The Constitutional Alliance has taken the time to provide citizens with analysis of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  If citizens do not take the time to learn about legislation congress is considering and in this case the senate has already passed, what does that say about each of us?
Please share this email with everyone you are in contact with and ask those people to do the same.
Thank you,

Britain’s GCHQ guide to Online Covert Action

It has long been an open secret that U.S. and other government     agencies have been spreading disinformation and misdirection among     dissident groups, including various “patriot myths” designed to     disrupt activists and prevent them from making competent efforts.     One of the just-released documents by Edward Snowden includes the     British manual for doing that, which is shared with its allies. See

So the next time you receive word from some “patriot” for actions     that are too simple, obvious, direct, and appealing, the odds are     high that is coming from a government agent.

-- Jon

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