Evaluating the 2016 Tennessee Republican Party convention delegates – Part 1: Hey, nobody voted for them!

Boss Haynes - photo: Getty Images

Boss Haynes photo: Getty Images

by Horatio Bunce

This is Part 1 in a series of posts evaluating the 2016 Tennessee Republican Party delegate slate approved by the TNGOPe. Much is being made of the Trump campaign “whining” about being cheated when it comes to delegates selected by the GOPe. Alleged GOP “outsider” Ted Cruz seems to be getting much of the benefit of the totally “insider” selected delegate states (see Colorado and Wyoming) where no vote of the people is taken. Cruz “the outsider” calls Trump a sore loser and says he should know the rules of the game better. Apparently “outsiders” are all “inside baseball” that way. I am willing to bet most loyal Republican voters that have held their noses voting for Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, etc. also aren’t aware of those rules. They think when they cast votes for committed delegates that the elections are fair, the delegates receiving the most votes win and go to the convention voting for the candidate they committed to. Yet again and again they find themselves taking another one for the team when the RNC feeds them their fourth or fifth choice of candidate as the nominee and your “conservative” committed delegates you thought you had deliver another unanimous convention floor vote for the next yellow dog.

So, let’s take a look at the 2016 Tennessee Republican party approved slate of delegates and compare that to the ballot you were given and the recorded votes. You probably read/heard some weak stories about the slate like this reported in a scorecard fashion like Trump 33, Cruz 16, Rubio 9 and probably thought, “that sounds about right based on the popular vote, right”? You have to actually look at the delegates approved by the state party to see what the result is. In this post I will address delegates and alternates on their approved slate that nobody voted for – because they were not on the ballot. Now, this is also part of those “rules” that the GOPe and Cruz make fun of Trump for not knowing and being a “sore loser”. I’m expecting you will be just as “sore” when you see what has been done to your votes.

You can find a sample ballot for the 2016 Republican presidential primary for Blount County here.

You can find the “unofficial” voting results here.

You can find the Tennessee Republican party approved slate of delegates going to the 2016 Republican National Convention here.

Keep in mind that not all delegate candidates appear on your ballot, since the congressional district portion of the ballot where you selected three delegates are only those residing in your district. There are nine congressional districts in the state. The at-large delegates are the same on every ballot as they can reside anywhere in the state. You selected up to 14 of them, presumably those declaring themselves committed to your candidate. Many of these congressional and at-large delegates are party insiders, incumbents or former office-holders.

If you take a look at the party-approved slate of delegates you will notice several names that did not appear on any ballot, i.e., nobody voted for them:

Scott Carey – Cruz Delegate – attorney, managing shareholder of Baker Donelson and general counsel to the state Republican party

Chris Devaney – Cruz Delegate – Former state party chair 2009-20015, resigned to become executive director of Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti just a few months after defeating Joe Carr for the position. Also supported Lamar Alexander against primary challenger Joe Carr.

Frank Colvett – Cruz Alternate – Memphis city councilman, Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee member and TNGOP Treasurer

Paula Sedgwick – Cruz Alternate – Bartlett, TN alderman, Haslam appointee, Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee member

Just look at all those Cruz “outsiders”!

Ryan Haynes – Rubio Delegate – Pigeon Forge liquor-by-the-drink lobbyist (while a Knox Co. representative), current state party chair.

Dave Black – Rubio Alternate – Founder and chairman of Aegis Sciences Corp. and husband of U.S. Rep. Diane Black.

Bill Haslam – Rubio Delegate – Achieve Inc. board member, Common Core promoter, project manager for federal testing entity PARCC, Utah test question renter, and oh yeah, the governor.

Betty Cannon – Trump Delegate – TNGOP Vice Chairman

Ken Gross – Trump Delegate – Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee member and known anti-Trump facebook poster. Interesting he is now a forced-upon-you delegate for the man he called a “liberal Democrat”.

Peggy Lambert – Trump Delegate – Republican National Committee member for Tennessee, former Blount county commissioner

John Ryder – Trump Delegate – Republican National Committee member for Tennessee, RNC General Counsel, He was the chairman of the Redistricting Committee and the RNC Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee. He was a delegate for the 1984, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Republican National Conventions. Ryder served on the Temporary Delegate Selection Committee and currently serves on the Rules Committee.

Beverly Knight Hurley – Trump Alternate – Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee member from Davidson County

Gee, look at all that establishment support for not-a-Republican Trump! Who Knew?

There are now 14 delegates appointed by the state executive committee of the party. They pretty much appoint themselves, and a few slots are automatic: the party chair and the two national committee members (Haynes, Lambert and Ryder). These appointments are a relatively “new” thing implemented by the party in 2012. Why? To remove you pesky voters from the process. It is getting harder all the time to force the next Single Digit Jeb on you. So throw in an automatic 25% of the vote fixed in advance and voila, they can “elect” a yellow dog if necessary. In this case, the GOPe are now on Plan C with Cruz and likely do not truly support him either, but these fix-is-in delegates will vote as required for two rounds at the convention. More importantly, they will be a protectionist vote of the establishment when it comes to the required votes on potential rules and procedures changes. Their RNC “rules” expire every four years and have to be renewed before business at the convention. Don’t forget John Boehner and his teleprompter from Florida. It was getting messy. The GOPe needed to “fix” things so this didn’t happen again. However, a 40% populist vote for Trump wasn’t supposed to happen. The TNGOP fix-is-in construct did not account for that kind of opposition. So, even more rigging is necessary, which we’ll look at in Part 2.

Remember when there was a “natural interest” in National Enquirer stories?

by Horatio Bunce

Remember when stories about presidential candidates merely being in the same hotel building with a woman who was not their wife was a big deal to the GOPe? How the GOPe operatives wrung their hands about “double standards” and how “different it would be if this was a Republican”?  Unless of course you mentioned John McCain because then the GOPe became unglued. Watch as alleged Cruz Cuban Mistress Crisis player Amanda Carpenter discusses the merits of National Enquirer journalism when John Edwards was the target:

Funny, now she calls them “tabloid trash”. Note how CNN quickly squelches the conversation after trying the pre-emptive strike to divert the discussion altogether.

Now, if you still believe in the conservative vs. liberal “news” facade, ask yourself where are all the CNN/MSNBC/Salon/Huffington stories on the #CruzSexScandal? Shouldn’t they be attacking a “conservative” when they have the chance?

If Cruz really is a “tea party darling” “outsider” to the GOPe (despite endorsements from Rick Perry, Romney & Jeb!, working for G.W. Bush, etc.), it seems that they would be on top of this  over at Fox/Townhall/ConservativeReview too. But, you say, what if they are making sure the stories are really true first? You mean like they did the non-existent “endorsement” of Donald Trump by David Duke? It’s the same “news” organizations after all.

Over at Planet Kolob, Glenn Beck has already fabricated an excuse to stay behind Cruz (and/or save face as a false prophet): as long as it wasn’t five women – during the campaign. He gives three reasons why he doesn’t think the scandal is true:

Here are the things that I came up with…

First is Ted Cruz. He doesn’t have enough game. We’re not talking Tom Cruise. It’s Ted Cruz, have you watched him?

He’s like that in real life, what you see in the debate is how he always is…

He’s exactly the same. So A, the game. I just don’t see it…

PAT: Maybe during the campaign, you could theoretically see how people are like–

GLENN BECK: Okay, I don’t believe it.

So, number one, no game. Two: I have spent a lot of time with him on the campaign trail. My wife has too. Women especially, and how many times has he been here in the makeup chair with the makeup ladies… That’s where all the dirt comes from, they always have radar because they are always sitting there. I’ve never seen it, my wife has never seen it, women..

If you are going to be a sexual predator –and that’s what you would have to be for five women in four years– a sexual predator. You would see signs of it.

You would hear people say: Oh man, I get a funny feeling from him, you know he said something werid to so-and-so, right?

We’ve had that happen… There’s never been anything said about [Cruz].

Third, This guy is driven… Ted has known that he could be the president from the beginning.

STU: Preparing for this for his whole life.

BECK: I think so. You are not as driven as he as, you are not as smart as he is, and then go in for your last four years before you’re going to run for president, you don’t get to 2012 and say you want to run for president, and think you can get away with it. All recently…

There’s absolutely no way this guy, so buttoned up, knowing that he could be president of the U.S. is that stupid…”

Well, did you notice anything missing from Glenn’s reasoning? What about listening to his god? Didn’t his god tell him Cruz “was anointed for this time”?

“But then he [Dr.Kidd] says, ‘But God has not revealed Ted Cruz as the divinely anointed alternative either.’

To you, Dr. Kidd. To you. To you God hasn’t revealed Cruz as divinely anointed. I understand that. And I respect your opinion on it.

But here’s mine: I have seen this man’s life. I have watched this man. I have prayed about this man. I have prayed about it by myself, out loud, in quiet, with my family, with my staff, and I happen to believe that Ted Cruz actually was anointed for this time. Would there not be someone that was in the pool that might have the right qualifications for God?

Is he that disinterested in all of us? Or is it perhaps possible that just like in the Bible, people were raised from birth for a specific time? Are we that inconsequential, Dr. Kidd? Are we really not that important enough for him to raise someone up, at this critical juncture?”

Or is this going to be another “If that’s what I had said, but that’s not what I said,” moment from the Planet Kolob camp? I’ll answer Glenn’s question “Would there not be someone that was in the pool that might have the right qualifications for God?” with another question:

When did God (the Lord Almighty, the Great I Am, Creator of the universe – not Elohim from Planet Kolob) ever instruct his people to select a man to rule over them?

Deuteronomy 18:22

22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

Maybe Beck’s false god, Elohim of Kolob, made him do it



by Horatio Bunce

In my theory, the establishment shills are fatally flawed – because they are designed to fail when and if necessary. Also, indiscretions are kept as leverage. And as Fox News chief Roger Ailes admitted to “do[ing] the Rubio thing”, the GOPe game has changed to doing the Cruz thing.

“Beans”? – National Enquirer Runs Story of Multiple Ted Cruz Affairs…

The list of ladies includes CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter:

Amanda Carpenter is the conservative activist, CNN contributor, and writer for Mark Levin and the Conservative Review who recently published a “BLACKLIST” targeting anyone who supports Ted Cruz’s primary opponent, Donald Trump.”

Also pictured is Donald Trump’s campaign national spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson. Wow, if that is true, Cruz has to have been sweating bullets since she came on the campaign scene.

So, what to make of Glen Beck’s accusations of southern voters?

But all throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God. Let us raise a standard in Utah. Let us do this one thing perfectly right….So here’s what I’m saying to you — the reason why I’m bringing this up, and I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time: Where the hell are the priesthood holders? Where are you? Thank you. It’s time to stand up. It’s time to stand up. You know what time it is. The priesthood is supposed to rise up and restore the Constitution. Now is that time. Period.”

I am not sure what god we were supposed to be listening to. See Glen, unlike your Planet Kolob gospel from those gold plates nobody ever saw, the Lord Almighty has already sent a Great High Priest, a priest after the order of Melchisedec – AND THERE IS BUT ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MAN – and it ain’t no stinking earthly king. I am sure good evangelicals know where to find that in Hebrews.

Fiorina Endorses Cruz


photo: Reuters

by Horatio Bunce

Remember, I asked you to watch for endorsements by the shills as they drop out. This is because any delegates they have earned along the way go to the endorsee. It reveals the GOPe (e=establishment) pre-selected “nominee” for you.  GOPe  vote splitter candidate Carly Fiorina endorsed Ted Cruz today.

“There are some people in our party saying Donald Trump isn’t so bad … but he’s a deal maker; he can make deals. The truth is Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin. They’re not going to reform the system, they are the system,” she said.

Says Fiorina….as she endorses an incumbent U.S. Senator. Ah yes, the Ron Paul Treatment™. We know it well. Say they aren’t a Republican, say a vote for them is a vote for Democrats, make up a new name to call them so you never refer to them as Republican, etc.

The Tennessee Republican primary ballot revealed that Fiorina was merely a shill campaign with only two at-large delegates to choose from – and one of those an incumbent state representative. I.e., if you used all 14 of your at-large votes then 86% of your delegate vote had to be for someone else. The GOPe must cover their bases in the proportionally awarded delegate states and ensure they have placed sufficient connected party faithful with all candidates they expect to earn delegates on primary day. Just study the committed delegate names a little. You’ll see what I mean. Note to Jerome Moon: your services will no longer be required per Roger Ailes.

Well, it isn’t easy maintaining a pretend campaign (and there were several of them) for president and pay for keeping up appearances through February, but this shill campaign has had to wait until after Super Tuesday to cough up their earned delegate (as in she only has one) since Single Digit Jeb! was failed Plan A and Rubio/Cruz was Plan B. And, since Fox News chief Roger Ailes has declared “we can’t do the Rubio thing any more”, the only choice remaining is to give the delegate….uh, I mean endorsement, to Cruz.

But maybe the question Cruz supporters should be asking/answering is:

Why did Ted Cruz’s PAC give half a million to Carly Fiorina’s?

“The Cruz PAC raised just over eleven million dollars by the end of June, nearly all of it from a Robert Mercer, a Wall Street hedge fund manager. The $500,000 donation to CARLY for America is its largest expenditure to date. The remainder of the $36,169 it spent went to polling research and legal fees.”

Will the Republican Party of Blount County release its bylaws before picking the County Clerk and Highway Superintendent?

The Republican Party of Blount County, Tennessee hasn’t exactly been known for transparency or fairness.  Several Republicans were denied entrance to a meeting in 2013.  The Party left Commissioner Jim Folts off its website.  When I was asked to speak to the Republican Party about why I thought Ron Paul was the best choice for President in 2012, then Chairman Susan Mills wouldn’t let me speak even though I had been an approved delegate candidate for Ron Paul, twice (2008 and 2012).  When Gerald Kirby lost his primary commission race to Jamie Daly, the party big whigs went to work for Kirby’s write-in campaign, even though party leadership is suppose to support Republican candidates.

Now the Republican Party Executive Committee will get to pick the Republican candidates for Blount County Clerk and Blount County Highway Superintendent.  The selection meeting will be a spectator sport.  You and I will be able to watch but we will not be able to participate.

The August general election for these two offices could be a Soviet style election.  If the Democratic Party doesn’t nominate candidates and no independents run, then the people of Blount County will get to go vote the R party or not the R party.  Actually it will be worse than that because you won’t even get to vote NO on the candidate.

Unless someone runs as a write-in, any write-in votes will not count.  Even if an independent or Democrat runs, barring some major scandal, the Republicans will win.  There are no independents or Democrats in elected office in Blount County, excluding the nonpartisan School Board.

With this kind of power, the Republican Party should release its bylaws.  I asked the Blount County Republican Party Chair, Patsy Lundy, for a copy of the bylaws.  She said the bylaws were being revised.  That’s the same excuse that has been used to deny releasing the bylaws for years.  The Tennessee Republican Party said it is checking with the County Party to see if the bylaws that it has are current.

I asked Lundy for a copy of the current bylaws.  She said she would check with some people (apparently the Chair has to get permission from her bosses) to see if she could release the bylaws to me.

The bylaws for the Blount County Democratic Party are available on the Tennessee Democratic Party’s website.  The Blount County Libertarian Party uses the bylaws of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee.  Both are available online for review, although the bylaws posted for the State Libertarian Party are over 4 years old.

People are talking about the Republican establishment coming unhinged because more voters are backing Trump than Rubio.  People would do well to pay attention to what the local GOP is doing.  Since it is likely that the Republican Party Executive Committee is going to pick 2 of our local office holders the least the Executive Committee can do is release its bylaws.

SO MITT, were you lying to us then or are you lying to us now?

teet by Horatio Bunce

Mitt “Two-Face” Romney Endorses, Disses Donald Trump

(link not an endorsement of TruNews)



And….for your GOPe debate-viewing pleasure…..


Guess Who’s In Charge Of Tomorrow Night’s GOP Debate? Hint…R-O-M-N-E-Y

Romneyette“Most are likely unaware that a sizable portion of the debate’s ticket allocation was controlled by the Michigan Republican State Chair. That position is held by the woman pictured above. Her name is Ronna Romney McDaniel. And yes, as the name implies, she’s a Romney.

Mitt Romney is her uncle. Her mother was the wife of Mitt Romney’s brother, Jack and thus the daughter-in-law of former Michigan Governor, George Romney.

In what is likely NOT a coincidence, Mitt Romney is scheduled to hold a press conference on his views regarding the current state of the Republican primary tomorrow as well. There is a great deal of speculation the former candidate for president is going to use that time to pummel the Trump campaign.

And then Trump will have the privilege of stepping in front of a GOP debate audience stacked with party operatives chosen by Mitt Romney’s niece.”

Kinda makes you wonder how #RobotRubio got his job….

Apparently, Florida Senate seats are for sale by the GOPe….

GOP operatives to pitch Ben Carson on Florida Senate run

#RobotRubio roughed up by Rubio supporters in New Hampshire

#RobotRubio roughed up by Rubio supporters in New Hampshire

(CNN) GOP operatives told CNN early Wednesday morning that they’ll push Ben Carson to drop out of the Republican presidential race, and instead run for a U.S. Senate seat from Florida.

It’s unclear how receptive the retired neurosurgeon will be to their pleas. Carson did not appear to be going anywhere as Tuesday night drew to a close.”

Rubio failed to achieve 20% a few times last night = no delegates. They need Carson’s votes….no matter how small.

Why the establishment GOP appears to be in desperation mode

by Horatio Bunce

I want to preface this post by stating that this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump. This is because I am going to point you to some very well done research on the strategy of the GOPe (e=establishment) beginning nearly two years ago. This work better explains the “splitter strategy” I have touched on. It was and still is very insightful. The strategy the GOPe would necessarily have to employ in order for Single Digit Jeb to be the presumptive nominee has played out exactly as predicted – except for Donald Trump screwing everything up (apparently). There was more involved than just the shill candidates that split the primary money, votes, debate minutes etc. The plan relied on the Citizens United supreme court case to allow massive anonymous funding of superpacs by the GOPe (to enable the shill candidates that no one is interested in). It has relied upon GOP rule changes regarding the primaries: specifically that it now takes winning eight states vs. the previous 5 to be the presumptive nominee, AND that Florida has been made into a winner-take-all primary when it was previously proportionally awarded. This particular researcher is a long-studied student of the GOP and as I, they have become painfully aware of the absolute disconnect between what the Republican party SAYS they believe vs. what they actually DO. So, please read the following link. Then the other hyperlinks below that one.

This will take a while, but there is no denying what has come to pass closely matches the “GOPe roadmap” laid out by this researcher beginning two years ago. You need to see it – the groundwork the GOP laid two years ago, compare to what you have seen in the last eight or nine months and see what the “news” is telling you even now. Learn about the delegate numbers and the very carefully devised schedule switching to winner-take-all primaries after Super Tuesday. By all appearances, the GOPe plan is in big trouble.

Rubio was supposed to be the Florida “splitter”, Cruz is still serving as the Texas “splitter”. If Trump captures super Tuesday states, then it will be essentially a “tie” between Trump and Non-Trump (all of those delegates eventually go to GOPe in the end). Florida is the linchpin. If Trump wins Florida, the GOPe plan is toast. Neither Cruz nor Rubio can afford to drop out yet to give enough votes to the other to overcome Trump (and not all Rubio nor Cruz votes would be non-Trump if those men drop out). Cruz must stay in through SuperTuesday to play his role of Texas splitter. They are making desperate appeals to Kasich (the Ohio splitter) and Carson to drop out in hopes those votes would go to Cruz/Rubot and eek out a victory over Trump in Florida. You are going to see some real hijinks on Tuesday – in fact you saw them last night on the debate. They are desperate. The plan is in jeopardy. And all the GOP has to offer you are two men that are not Natural Born Citizens. Remember that oath they tried to push on Trump to support the GOP nominee, no matter what? Reagan’s 11th Commandment? What happened to that?

From The Conservative Treehouse in August 2015:

“Tripwire Alert” – Evidence Now Exists To Show Benefit Of GOPe Road-mapped “Splitter Strategy”….

That should be enough so you can begin to see the framework – much of which has been carried out at this point. See here for the delegate breakdowns and you can start keeping score with GOPe vs. Trump. It is essentially tied at this point. Is Trump real? I don’t know. Is Rove sharp enough to have Trump be controlled opposition, as I believed he would turn out to be and bow out to Jeb? Doesn’t look that way. Are they even sharper and Trump is really the Uniparty candidate? Could be.

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