Tona Monroe to speak at Bill of Rights Banquet on December 18th

Recipient of last year’s Eagle Award, then Blount County Commissioner Tona Monroe, will be the speaker at the 4th annual Truth Radio Bill of Rights Banquet on Tuesday December 18th.  The topic of the speech will be Proof of Authority and the Proper Role of Government: The Foundation of a Constitutional Republic.

A dinner will be held at 7 PM at RJ’s Courtyard located at 3749 Airport Hwy, Louisville, Tennessee 37777.  Book your meal by calling WBCR at 984-1470. 

2017 Bill of Rights Banquet
Eagle Award Recipients Tona Monroe, Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Scott Williams 

Not everything on this website is written by me

There are some in the community who think that everything on this website is written by me (Tona Monroe).  That is not the case.  This site was never intended to be a website solely with material written by me.  I own domains with my name and could just as easily write the material there.

There are some in the community who think that I agree with everything written on this website.  That is not the case either.  My intention in creating this website was never to have complete and total agreement with every word posted here.

The litmus test for content on this website was never complete and total agreement with my views and is not the case now.  My goals are to promote freedom and transparency in government.  Those are the reasons why I started this website and why I continue publishing on this website.  Those are also the reasons that I ran for office and what I hope to achieve while in office.

The content here is intended to be thought provoking while promoting freedom and openness in government.  Everything that is posted here should no more be viewed as my opinions than letters to the editors are viewed as being the opinions of the editors at newspapers.

As I’ve said many times before and will continue saying, let freedom ring!

Traffic court is a dysfunctional money making scam

“Ferguson does not even rank among the top 20 municipalities in St. Louis County in the percentage of its budget drawn from court fines and fees.”

It’s not just Ferguson, Missouri that is the problem.  Frequently traffic courts are dysfunctional scams designed to enhance public treasuries while shirking due process and failing to teach people how to improve driving habits in ways that actually improve public safety.


The Black Budget Costs $52.6 Billion

I suspect that the cost is much higher.

This coming Tuesday Nov. 5th, I will give a presentation on Fusion Centers, discussing the REAL ID Act of 2005 and biometrics to the Smoky Mt. Tea Party Patriots at the Blount County Library at 6:30 PM.  Come out and learn about the surveillance police state.

The scathing U. S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report is available here.  As usual Congress did nothing with this information.

Global Biometric ID has arrived in TN

I’ve been warning for years, as have others more knowledgeable about the subject than myself, that REAL ID is not dead.  Quite the contrary, the problem is much worse than people realize.

All that 10th amendment saber rattling about REAL ID has shown what cheap prostitutes State legislators are.  Give them some federal reserve notes and the States will implement what the feds want.

Society existed long before photo and biometric ID, but freedom has now been flushed down the toilet for a little false security.  Swimming in the public sewers of the police state will not be much fun.

Are you a threat?

Remember, fusion centers are here to “make us safe”, unless, that is, you express your right to free speech:

“In trying to clear up the ‘misconceptions’ about the conduct of fusion centers, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis simply confirmed Americans’ fears: the center does in fact spy on Americans – but only on those who are suspected to be ‘anti-government’…”The misconceptions are that we are conducting spying operations on US citizens, which is of course not a fact. That is absolutely not what we do,” he told the NWA Homepage, which supports KNWA-TV and Fox 24.”

“After claiming that his office ‘absolutely’ does not spy on Americans, he proceeded to explain that this does not apply to those who could be interpreted as a ‘threat’ to national security. Davis said his office places its focus on international plots, “domestic terrorism and certain groups that are anti-government. We want to kind of take a look at that and receive that information.”

More here.

So, express your disgust with our government or question its motives and you’ll find yourself the subject of surveillance by the State. How’s that two-party system working out for you?

Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans

Right!  Except, who determines if you are “anti-government” or “anti-american” without spying on you to make that determination?

The Feds have admitted that FBI warrantless cellphone tracking is ‘very common’.

Interview on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Tuesday Morning October 9th, 2012, from 10-11a.m.

Topic will be Fusion Centers.

Ernest broadcasts his show on Liberty Radio Network (LRN.FM)   9:00 a.m. – Noon (EASTERN TIME) – please adjust for your time zone.

The show is live, and we video stream the show live on DaCast.Com. We also do audio and video archives, so you will have a copy of the interview to promote however you wish.

The host, Ernest Hancock, is also the Publisher of FreedomsPhoenix.Com, an online news website dedicated to uncovering the secrets and exposing the lies.

UpdateListen to the interview here.  It starts around the 46 minute mark.  Correction to what I said: I was not convicted of a misdameanor.  It was a civil infraction where I was held responsible.  I appealed it and won the appeal.  However, governments speak out of both sides of their month on the civil vs criminal legal stuff.  Governments convert crimes into civil infractions so that the burden of proof is basically the cop shows up and gives testimony, boom you’re held responsible.  It makes the governments job easier to steal from you.  Additionally, data was collected on people against the death penalty but not for it, as far as I know.

Here is the link to the flyer story that Ernest Hancock refers to in the interview.

Senate Report on DHS and Fusion Center Waste & Unaccountability

The Canada Free Press has an article about the Senate Report showing waste and unaccountability.  Government studies itself routinely and finds waste, mismanagement and no need for it’s existence, but it rarely if ever actually shrinks of abolishes itself.  The solution is usually to pile higher and deeper on the problem in hopes that it will magically fix the problem.

No terrorist activity found in 13 months should be sufficient reason to abolish Fusion Centers, but government will probably give them more money to “fix” the problems.

Reports that are not proper to disseminate are being stored indefinitely, kinda like people in Guantamo who have not been charged with any crime.  This article says that 4 of the 72 don’t even exist.  This article says there are 77, but why believe that figure when DHS lied about the number that exist?  Here are some good questions and points about the wasteful, unaccountable police state known as DHS and Fusion Centers.  Like this article says, it’s hard to fail or be inefficient, when you don’t even have a mission.  Although I think the mission is quite clear.  It’s just not publicly stated.

Fusion Center Presentation Receives Extensive Media Coverage

Last week I gave my Fusion Center Presentation to the Greeville Tea Party.

I am impressed that the author wrote so much.  Around here it would generate a paragraph or two, if that, in the local rag, and it would be the most jumbled statement made in an attempt to discredit what you said.

The TBI gave a generic response that didn’t refute anything that I said.

Let freedom ring!


From the LA Times

The TSA’s 25 “viper” teams — for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response — have run more than 9,300 unannounced checkpoints and other search operations in the last year. Department of Homeland Security officials have asked Congress for funding to add 12 more teams next year.

Read the rest of the article here.

Where’s the outrage?

About this time last year people were upset about the TSA and had a refuse to be groped at airports day (Opt-Out Day), which accomplished nothing and the outrage fizzled out.  Now the TSA has gone further and is coming to other forms of transportation near you.  That’s right, look for the TSA on a transit system near you.

I need to clarify what I said, in this video, about the federal and State governments working together.  The State has general police power, while the federal government is charged with providing for the common defense of the nation.  Each should fulfill their duties, and the two should not be fused into one entity.

Earlier this year I contacted my State Representative Bob Ramsey and expressed my disgust for the VIPR program on TN Roads and Greyhound Bus Stations.  He wrote the The Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security and got a very similar response to the one that I received.  Here is what I received from Rep. Bob Ramsey and below that is my request for more answers, because the The Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security response raised more questions than it answered.

On 11/4/2011 11:48 AM, Bob Ramsey wrote:

This is what I was answered by the Department

“In response to your email message sent to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, I wanted to clarify and correct the misinformation being reported about the joint federal-state VIPR operation that took place in Tennessee on October 18. During the four-hour, one-time VIPR operation, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and local law enforcement officers did randomly inspect semi-tractor trailers at five weigh stations on interstates throughout Tennessee. The inspections were made at the weigh stations and only on the cargo inside the trailers of the trucks, which are mandated to stop at the scale complexes to be weighed. Under Tennessee law, law enforcement officers have the authority to randomly inspect cargo at weigh stations. The TSA was on hand for this operation, but did not participate in the inspections. The TSA was present for the educational phase of this operation. TSA officials distributed information to truck drivers about the “First Observer” program in which truck drivers are encouraged to report any suspicious activity they see while driving across the country. The TSA did conduct security checks on individuals boarding Greyhound busses in Knoxville and Nashville, but they have the authority to conduct such inspections, as they do at airports. No vehicles were ever pulled over during this operation, as many news stories incorrectly reported. The purpose of the VIPR operation was to detect and deter criminal activity on Tennessee’s roadways and educate professional truck drivers to look for and report suspicious activity to help protect citizens and critical infrastructure across the country. While Tennessee is the first state to conduct a VIPR operation on this large of a scale (simultaneously at seven locations), Tennessee is not the first state to ever conduct a joint federal-state VIPR operation. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security participates in such operations to protect our citizens and visitors to our state.”

Hello Bob,
I got a similar response that was not quite as lengthy.  There are several questions that still need to be answered.

Why under TCA, can cargo be randomly inspected?  I understand specific inspections that meet potential crime descriptions, but why are random inspections allowed?

What were authorities looking for in the VIRP operation?  Was anything harmful found?  If not, how can random inspections be justified?  This law needs to be changed.

Tennessee is not a border State.  I can understand having customs inspections at the border, but not random inspections of goods that have already crossed the border or may have always been in the USA to begin with.

Furthermore, are private citizens subject to random inspections under a similar provision in TCA?  If so, why?  Repeal it, if so.  If not, why random inspections of trucks and not other vehicles?  Are passenger vans which can hold larger loads than cars subject to random inspection?  What about moving trucks?  Where is the line drawn in what vehicles contents can be randomly searched?

Can said persons driving these vehicles be searched?  If not, why can the contents of semi-tractor trailers be searched but not the persons driving these randomly searched semi’s?

If the TN Highway Patrol already has authority to conduct these random searches, why have the TSA involved?  What is deficient in the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s efforts that warrants federal involvement?

Why are people boarding Greyhound buses subject to security checks?  Was there any suspicious activity reported that would deem these searches necessary?  Why is it necessary to have such searches performed by the TSA rather than State officials?  Did any of these searches violate 4th amendment rights of those searched?  Have there been any terrorist activities on buses in Tennessee?  How can the Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security justify searches of people taking a bus, when they aren’t in physical control of the vehicle, when those driving their own vehicles are in physical control of their vehicles, and tell us that no cars were stopped?  Wouldn’t a smart terrorist realize that it would be easier to take a car, rather than be inspected before boarding a bus?

If, “The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security participates in such operations to protect our citizens and visitors to our state,” then ask the TN Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security to prove that we are safer because of these inspections.

Are you willing to change State law to ensure that the 4th amendment is not violated?  Are you willing to stop the VIPR program, if there is no proven benefit?

In conclusion, telling us that Tennessee is not the first State to do this does not justify doing it.

I await your response,

It’s time to get rid of the TSA and the only Presidential candidate with a plan to do that is Ron Paul.

Read about one of Ron Paul’s bills here.

Click on the categories Police State, Privacy, and Tennessee Fusion Center for more information on VIRP.

America the Police State: Treason from Domestic Enemies

Well folks, America will officially be a police state if this becomes law, and the biggest enemies are those within.  The Senate proceeded full steam ahead, despite intelligence authorities opposing it.  Only 7 Senators voted against it.

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.”  James Madison, Author of the US Constitution

America is already a soft-core police state.  We have cops roaming the Street to pull us over at gunpoint and kill our dogs because someone saw something and said something.  Our driver’s license is a biometric ID card.  The Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security is fusing with the TSA to randomly search semi-tractor trailers and people boarding Greyhound buses, despite the fact that the TSA has yet to catch a single terrorist.  A Fusion Center and $200 million police State has been built in Tennessee.  At the local level our grand jury foreperson is appointed by a local Judge and can serve an indefinite number of terms. 

Now it’s hard-core.  With the evisceration of Posse Comitatus, military troops will be able to roam the streets.  Southerners would do well to remember what the South went through after the war between the States.  This is war against the American people, and yet there doesn’t seem to be much outrage against it, except from Ron Paul supporters and even that is meager at best.  There are people all across this country protesting for a variety of reasons, but most are really disorganized and few know where to direct their focus and attention.  Now that people know that Herman Cain probably can’t keep his pants on, Rick Perry has shown there’s nothing between his ears and Michele Bachmann never really polled that high in the first place, conservatives are acting like we have to choose between flip Mitt and flop Newt.  Some are even dumb enough to think they should party while doing so.  Just keep ignoring Ron Paul and/or acting like he can’t win.  Yeah, ignoring principles for partisan politics, that’s a great plan.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working at the State level to stop REAL ID, which turned the driver’s license into a biometric ID card.  Tennessee piddled around with some non-binding resolutions and let the feds ram rod it through the Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security. 

The only peaceful options that I have left, absent Divine Intervention, are to keep exposing this nonsense and rebuking politicians for doing nothing about it.  If you have effective methods of stopping the police state, please share them.

Obama is threatening to veto this police state standing army legislation.  I am skeptical that he will, but am willing to be pleasantly surprised.  Sadly, it appears that he is only planning to veto it because he believes he already has authority to kill Americans and has no need to indefinitely detain them.

In the meantime, vote for Ron Paul and heed Proverbs Chapter 23.

1 When you sit down to eat with a ruler, Consider carefully what is before you;   
2 And put a knife to your throat  If you are a man given to appetite. 
3 Do not desire his delicacies,  For they are deceptive food.

TSA Thugs Now Occupy Tennessee Roads           

This is unconstitutional, because there is no authority for the TSA in the US Constitution and there’s certainly no authority to use them to police roads in Tennessee. Additionally it subjects innocent law abiding Tennesseans to unreasonable searches and probably some unreasonable seizures.  Shame on Tennessee politicians for selling out their fellow Tennesseans, by allowing federal agents to invade our roads.  Looks like that State sovereignty resolution that the legislature passed a few years ago was just political theater.

It’s quite fitting that this video features the alleged suspicion of contents in barrels, and this man is held over a barrel, symbolizing that people are being put over a barrel, despite no reason for doing so.

Furthermore, it’s time for the American people to ask, why do we even have cops policing our roads?  Cops are nothing less than a standing army and they are antithetical to founders vision for this country.  Cops are unconstitutional.

Tennessee Expands Surveillance State in the Name of Safety

The CIA is investigating whether laws were broken by helping the NYPD. 

This comes at a time when the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Bill Gibbons, writes an ‘opinion’ piece that we are safer because of our “nation’s best” Fusion Center and a new terrorism law, at an enormous cost of $200 million. 

Seriously Mr. Gibson $200 million?  Does it really take that much money to stop a few terrorist in one state?  There are 49 more States, plus DC and several territories and you feel we’re safer because we’ve fused law enforcement, encouraged people to report their neighbors and spent $200 million?

With solidification of a $200 million surveillance state in Tennessee, there continues to be one report after another in the news about murders and police brutality right here in Blount County.  Are we any safer, after 9/11, from murderers, rapers and cops that beat people? 

When asked if we are safer after September 11, 2001, Mr. Gibson says, “Yes, I think we are.”  Mr. Gibson instead of a propaganda piece telling how you “think” a $200 million police state makes us “safer”, how about giving us some real facts.

How many terrorist activities have been prevented because of this $200 million?  How many crimes have been prevented?  How does this prevention rate compare to traditional crime prevention strategies?  Is this more or less cost effective?  With a federal government that is in debt over $15 trillion (much more when entitlements are included) do you really feel it wise to spend $200 million in just one of these united States?  How much money is enough to stop terrorism in Tennessee?  Are groups being targeted through increased surveillance?  Who have Fusion Center partnered with?  What kind of information is being collected and/or stored in the Fusion Center?  Who is the information being shared with?  Have you made any effort to inform Tennesseans that the Department of Safety collected  biometric photos of them when renewing their driver’s licenses?  Have you informed the people that the State has contracted with L-1 Identity Solutions, a company that was recently purchased by Safran, which is a French conglomerate partially owned by the French government?  Does this foreign government owned company have possession of sensitive personal information?  What company(ies) has/have our biometric information? 

Mr. Gibson speak of traffic stops, as a way of stopping terrorism.  Much of the terrorism of traffic stops is the government harassing the people, not the other way around.  Many traffic stops are generated because of victimless crimes, where there is no danger to anyone, but a huge revenue motive for government.  Moreover, if traffic stops are effective in preventing terrorism, then surely $200 million more isn’t needed.

I’d like to see some evidence that this $200 million police state expansion has made us safer.  Quoting the constitution at the end of the article does not convince me that I, nor the people of Tennessee, are any safer because of this expensive surveillance state.