Supreme Court edits it’s opinions after public issuance

The federal government has far to much leeway for editing their statements and actions.  Members of Congress ask for “unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks”.  Enforcement of laws change from case to case, often lacking uniformity.  Does anyone understand rule making authority and how rules and regulations get changed?

We have much work to do if we’re going to reform the federal government.

How to stop license plate tracking

There is a simple way to solve this problem.  All a State has to do is repeal the plate requirement for motor vehicles.  Some States are talking about cutting water off to the NSA.  Why should people be tagged like cattle when they travel?  Cut the plates off, problem solved.  Instead the Tennessee General Assembly is looking to steal more money by upping seat belt fines.  More of that tough of crime garbage from Republicans.

Whistleblowing the Whistleblowers?

This article raises a lot of questions that need to be answered.  It will be interesting to see how this all develops.


Hooker presses on with challenge to unconstitutional selection-retention judicial plan

It should be pointed out that the Tennessee General Assembly has seen fit to provide us with a Soviet style “election” for non-trial court Judges in this State.

What’s wrong with Americans for putting up with the police state?

This article in entitled, What’s Wrong with Police in Iceland?  It should be called what’s wrong with Americans for putting up with a murderous police state.

Here in Blount County, I’ve read about cops shooting at least a couple of individuals in situations where the cops faced no danger.  Immediately the Sheriff’s Dept. and local rag go into defense of murder and spin it.  It wasn’t long ago that we were fed the story of Sheriff Be-Wrong (Berrong) saving us from the Grainger County Coffee Monster.

Recently there was a front page story about a cop shooting a dog, making it sound like it was a good thing simply because the dog was barking and moving toward the officer, while a man who shot a lady’s dog is going to face trial.  Both were wrong, but The Daily Slime acted like the officer was just doing his job.  Murder is ok, so long as a cop is doing it.  Several of the Commissioners want to put more of these murderers on the streets to harass us even more, using “free” money from the feds.

Cops are unconstitutional and this country didn’t have them for the first half century of it’s existence.  For your reference, Roger Roots law review article, Are Cops Constitutional.

Let freedom ring!

Maryland: Speed Camera Cash Used To Shock, Shoot And Spy On Drivers

Maryland: Speed Camera Cash Used To Shock, Shoot And Spy On Drivers
Tasers, Glocks and cell phone spying device bought with speed camera profit in Salisbury, Maryland.

CellebriteUnder Maryland law, jurisdictions that operate speed cameras face strict limits on how much revenue can be generated and what local officials can buy with the money. Last month, the city council in Salisbury voted unanimously to take the automated ticketing cash and buy Glock training handguns, Tasers and a device that police can use to crack passwords and download data off the cell phones of motorists during a traffic stop.

Maryland’s law autorizing the use of traffic cameras was highly controversial, first passing in 2006 over the veto of then-Governor Robert L. Ehrlich (R). To obtain the needed votes when expanding the speed camera program statewide in 2009, lawmakers agreed to a few compromises. Cities are not allowed to collect more than ten percent of their municipal budget from camera revenue, and profit must go “solely for public safety purposes, including pedestrian safety programs,” according to Maryland Code Section 7-302.

In August, the city put in an order for nine Tasers at a cost of $12,500. Last month it approved purchase of eight Glock simunitions handguns and the purchase of a $12,083 mobile device used to crack the passwords and grab the data from mobile phones while in the field.

“The upgrade will allow police investigators to pull data from the most technically advanced cell phones and tablets,” Salisbury Police Major David Meienschein wrote in a September 5 memo. “The Cellebrite UFED Touch is a device that is used to perform data extractions from cell phones, tablets, iPads, GPS and other electronic devices. Investigators have been able to obtain stored and deleted data files to include but not limited to: text messages, photographs, videos and contact lists.”

Ron Ely, head of the Maryland Drivers Alliance, says this is one of many examples of municipalities are making a mockery of the law.

“The so called ‘public safety restriction’ is a meaningless joke intended for public relations and has no practical effect,” Ely told TheNewspaper. “Salisbury’s interpretation of this provision is not surprising at all. Chevy Chase Village previously earmarked such funds on things like new locker rooms, office equipment, cable TV lines, and a new office for the police chief.”



It’s obvious that all across this country governments have declared war on we the people.  The only way to stop this, absent divine intervention, is to stop making excuses and fight your corrupt governments.

Earlier this week we saw Sheriff Be-Wrong cross into another jurisdiction and put another County Jail in “lock down“, military style with a grenade launcher on hand, all to keep the people safe from the Grainger Co. Coffee monster. Truthfully the ones running the jail are far more dangerous than the petty thieves in the jail.  The petty thieves usually just make off with a tv and copper wire.  Government stills more than half of what you make if you are a working person.  Worse if you don’t give them them at least half, they will take it all by putting your house for sale on the courthouse steps to pay the debts they rack up, all in our names of course.  Don’t you just love freedom?  It’s so darn expensive.  The petty thief pales in comparison.

St. Augustine provides a good lesson in the evils of government vs. the petty thief.

Governments keep hostile possession of the roads, eliminating practical travel for most people except with government permission.  Look at all the cops occupying the roads, as though we’re at war, needing constant surveillance and “patrol”.

It’s time to stop making excuses about how busy you are with your lives and push back evil luciferian government.