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Michele Bachmann is Another Lying Warmonger

I’ll be the first to admit that I use to like Michele Bachmann.  When she grilled Timothy Geithner about the lack of authority in the Constitution for the Federal Reserve and whether he’d support an international currency, I was elated to finally see someone besides Ron Paul raise the issue of the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve.  But, I’ve come to despise the Michele Bachmann who is running for President.  She’s for the Patriot Act, torture, endless wars, starting more wars and has become prolific at lying to justify all of these horrible policies.

In yesterday’s debate, Bachmann responded to Gingrich’s assertion that she was making false statements regarding his role at Freddie Mac by saying that PolitFact had checked her statements and that they were true, but out PolitiFact never even checked her statements on Gingrich.  Lie 1! 

What she didn’t mention was that PolitiFact checked her statements on Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and they are false.  Not mostly false, or part true, but false.  Lie 2! 

Ron Paul is the only one who repeatedly references several officials who have stated that war with Iran is not a good idea and/or that everything that Iran does is not to wipe Israel off the map.  In the past several debates and in media interviews Paul has said that current Israeli Prime Minister Netayahu recently spoke on the House floor that Israel doesn’t need USA military help and that Israel can take care of itself,  Ehud Barak the former Prime Minister and current Minister of Defense said he would probably strive for nuclear weapons if he were in Iran’s position and that it’s not just because of Israel.  Paul mentioned James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence,  and the former head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, who has said Israeli war with Iran could lead to a regional Middle East war.

Trying to lay out a case for or against war in one minute is ridiculous and the neocons know they can’t do it that quickly so it’s best to start demagoguing by cherry picking and twisting a few statements.  Paul has repeatedly debunked the Iranian nuclear threat based on multiple sources from more than one country and group, despite only being given 89 seconds at the CBS foreign policy debate.  After Paul said the biggest danger is over reacting and thrusting us into another war, Bachmann responded with another falsity, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report.  Lie 3! 

In her defense, she was the only one last night trying to give sources, even though she’s misstating the sources.  It raises the question of whether she actually believes what she’s saying or outright lying.  If possible that she’s not fully reading what she’s claiming in the debates and therefore, misunderstanding what she’s referring to.  If she believes these lies, then she demonstrating either her lack of intellect or unwillingness to fully examine what she quotes.  Bachmann has developed a reputation for repeatedly getting facts wrong.

I don’t trust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad any further than I could throw him and that wouldn’t be far because I can’t even pick him up to throw him.  However, it is time to stop this seemingly endless war propaganda.  This war on terror has been ongoing for a decade and neocons show no sign of letting up, even if it means lying about Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities just like they did with Iraq.

Seriously conservatives, how many times do you have to fall for the same lies?  Haven’t you learned anything from our 3 admitted wars?  These 3 wars aren’t our only military involvement because we’re using drones elsewhere.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iran, just like there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that we hadn’t already given them.  The Bush Cheney regime lied.  Wake up!  This propaganda to thrust us and/or Israel into war is another mess of lies.

Since Michele’s sources don’t actually say what she stated, those beating the war drum can still have demagoguery.  Bachmann started her false statements about Iran with, “With all due respect to Ron Paul, I think I have never heard a more dangerous answer for American security, and I’ll tell you the reason why.”  Ahh… that’s when her foreign policy lies started.  What’s the truth anyway, when you’re on a mission for more war and can demagogue it instead of getting your facts straight?  I admonish conservatives to heed this scripture.

And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. 2 Peter 2:2

In a post debate interview, Ron Paul schooled Sean Hannity on what several officials have said about Iran.  Hannity could not refute what Paul was saying so he’d quickly move on to another point and after Paul politely pounded Hannity’s misguided beliefs into the ground, Sean Hannity resorted to demagoguery by saying that no other country has done more to defend Muslims than the USA.  Whether that’s true or not, is irrelevant to the points that Iran does not have a nuke and some in Israel don’t think a war with Iran is a wise idea.  It appears that not everyone in Israel is of the opinion that war is a good thing, just as the issue is divided here.  It’s really pathetic that after 10 years neocons are still calling for more war, using the same propaganda as last time.  Demagoguery must work, because the facts don’t support another war.

War is not the answer and it could bankrupt this county.  Unless conservatives elect someone like Ron Paul who will address the out-of-control spending and debt problem and work to restore a sound currency by phasing out the central bank, these wars that neo-conservatives love to demagogue so much will be eminent, because our nation will suffer economic calamity.  This will then make us very vulnerable to foreign attacks with a weak economy unable to mount a robust response like we are able to produce now.

Study what is motivating suicide attacks and seriously consider a change in our foreign policy.  Ron Paul is a welcomed breath of fresh air to rhetoric, demagoguery and war propaganda.   

If the conservatives don’t choose someone who is not a warmonger, then they’ll lose the votes of people like me.  Obama won’t get my vote either because he’s also a warmonger.  Conservatives are headed toward another defeat unless they choose Paul, because the two party unisystem will provide us with the more of the same, just different strategies for which battle fields our troops should occupy.  The real American security danger that Bachmann thinks she’s so smart about, lies not in what Iran is doing, but rather in what the Federal Reserve banksters and Congress are doing.  If we don’t reign in these two out-of-control entities, there may be no America, as we know it, and then will be vulnerable to invasion by multiple countries.

It’s time for conservatives to tell the lying neocons to take a hike with this war propaganda or to rename the Republican Party the Warmonger Party.  At least then, the neocons and their followers (supporters) will finally be called for what they are, not conservatives interested in conserving liberty, but warmongers.

Look at what a police state these endless wars are turning the US into.