One thought on “Sic Semper Tyrannis

  1. This photo shows the truth about JESUS THE FATHER’S “ADAMIC” [SEED LINE].

    The Bible no more traces the history of the black Africans or the pre-Adamic negroes anymore than it does BIGFOOT! For it is written; Genesis 5:1 This is the book of the generations of one [man’s] family, Adam [the new Caucasian Hebrew Israelite Greek man] that was “formed” in (Genesis 2:7-22). [Adam] is an Adamic [man], the very first of [his kind]. Adam’s [kind] is the [seed line] of JESUS THE FATHER that led to the virgin birth of The Christ who’s Adamic name is JESUS.

    The word ADAMIC means: #119, #120, #122, #219, #1305, #1588, #3835, #4899, #6703, pure white race, chosen, the elect, remnant, Christian, white and ruddy, red lips, to turn flush, able to blush in the face, rosy pink cheeks, having a fair countenance, bright as the sun, bright white, laban, ivory, white as snow, white as milk, “without spots,” golden, clean, purified, with black brown red to dirty blonde, to blonde hair, with sapphire blue veins, with emerald green to sapphire blue eyes as the fish pools of Heshbon, tsachach; i.e. dazzling, plainly, literally white. The LORD God said Jesus was ruddy-white. It is through the Adamic [race] or the Adamic [seed line] JESUS THE FATHER chose to bring Adamic Jesus Christ into this world through. (Lamentations 4:7) The Nazarites were whiter than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their eyes are polished with deep blue sapphires.

    All of those numbers and words in the paragraph above do not equal Jesus The Christ or JESUS THE FATHER being a “beast of the field” negro. Adam “‘eth-ha-‘adham” is a distinct “formation” in the image of “THE INVISIBLE GOD! [Adam] was the first [man] to have Adamic features like JESUS THE FATHER through HIS [seed]. When JESUS THE FATHER “formed” Adam [the man], HE “formed” Adam [the man] in the image of HIMSELF, (Genesis 5:1). ***STOP*** JESUS THE FATHER “formed” Adam [the new Caucasian Hebrew Israelite Greek man] in the image of HIMSELF. That means JESUS THE FATHER has these same Adamic features! JESUS THE FATHER, Adam [the man], and Adamic Jesus Christ all had beautiful blonde hair with ruddy-white glowing skin, with deep sapphire blue eyes as the fish pools of Heshbon just like many [Caucasian Hebrew Israelite Greek men] look today! It is physically and spiritually impossible for this to equal a Jew, or a pre-Adamic negro.

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