14 machine commissioners make Art Swann state senator

Blount County Commissioners Andy Allen, Dave Bennett, Shawn Carter, Rick Carver, Grady Caskey, Mike Caylor, Dodd Crowe, Gary Farmer, Ron French, Scott King, Mike Lewis, Kenneth Melton, Jerome Moon and Tom Stinnett voted to replace Doug Overbey who recently resigned from the Tennessee Senate with (now former) Representative Art Swann.  Swann was nominated by Commissioner Carver.

Commissioner Tona Monroe nominated Scott Williams.  Commissioners Archie Archer, Karen Miller and Monroe voted for Williams.

Commissioners Mike Akard, Brad Bowers, Tom Cole and Jamie Daly were absent from the meeting.

Only Commissioners Miller and Monroe spoke during the discussion portion of the meeting with both sharing why they were voting for Williams.  Monroe shared that Williams served his country through military service, is a gentleman and a class act.  She said Swann had never returned any of her emails about concerns she had related to state laws and matters impacting local governments.

After the meeting, Jim Hammontree, who has picked up a petition to run for the seat currently held by district 2 Commissioner Mike Lewis, shared with BC Public Record and the local paper that the commission took a do nothing state representative and turned him into a do nothing state senator.

Blount County Commissioner Tona Monroe and state Senate candidate Scott Williams

5 thoughts on “14 machine commissioners make Art Swann state senator

  1. The GOP GOB’s ain’t never gonna lose in Blount County. Me thinks Monroe, ‘d be a good replacement for Swann’s empty seat.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence libruhl but I reside in the 20th district. It’s the 8th district that is open. Don’t want any questions about my residency status swirling.

      My commission district is split between the two State House districts.

  2. Scott Williams a true Conservative, military retired, 3 sons who are Eagle Scouts & another son working on his Eagle Scout . Scott worked with the legislature in Nashville for States Convention project for states rights he is also a Reagan conservative . The “good ole boys” are about themselves not their constituents. Scott will run against Swann in 2018 & will win . If a good man does nothing evil takes over .

  3. The BC Comission takes another slap at this Great Republic and its Voting system, the idea of representative government, and THEY decide who will be our State Senator for District 2. All the voters of Sevier County who are also in District 2: THEY decide for those voters also, who will be their State Senator for their district. This Rule (bad laws are not laws, they are rules) should be stricken from this Democratic Republic in every corner of government.

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