16 yes men make yes man Jerome Moon 8th district TN state representative

16 yes men on the Blount County Commission voted yesterday to make Jerome Moon, a yes man, the 8th district Tennessee state representative.  Moon joins Bob Ramsey and Art Swann, who were also Blount County Commissioners, in the state legislature.

Swamp creature and former Blount County Director of Accounts and Budgets (Finance Director), Commissioner Dave Bennett nominated Jerome Moon.  Commissioners Andy Allen, Archie Archer, Dave Bennett, Brad Bowers, Rick Carver, Grady Caskey, Shawn Carter, Mike Caylor, Tom Cole, Dodd Crowe, Gary Farmer, Ron French, Scott King, Mike Lewis, Kenneth Melton and Tom Stinnett voted for Moon.

Commissioners Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Tona Monroe voted for James (Jim) Hammontree.  Hammontree was nominated by Commissioner Monroe.

Commissioner Mike Akard was absent.

Moon was asked less than 2 weeks ago by the local paper if he was interested in being considered for the house seat.  It appeared based on his response that he wouldn’t give a yes or no answer.  One has to wonder whether someone refusing to even tell the public and/or press, that close to the meeting, whether he wants to be considered for a position of authority will ever give a straight answer on the important issues that impact life, liberty and property.

Realizing that for the second time this month that the fix is in, Jim Hammontree is now focusing his efforts on replacing Mike Lewis on the commission who is currently a commissioner in the second commission district in Alcoa.  The district includes the Alcoa, Mentor, Oak Street and Pellissippi voting precincts.

Jerome Moon makes the 3rd commissioner out of the original 21 commissioners elected in 2014 (Caskey*, French and Moon were unopposed) who is no longer a member of the Blount County Commission.  The political machine made Jeff Headrick the Blount County Highway Superintendent in 2016 and Commissioner Steve Samples passed away earlier this year.

*Caskey was unopposed in the primary election because the incumbent died before the election.  He did have a write-in challenger in the general election.

5 thoughts on “16 yes men make yes man Jerome Moon 8th district TN state representative

  1. It seems to me we have a “chain migration problem” from Blount County Commission to Nashville State Government. I stopped by the BC Elec. Commission the other day and asked if we no longer have elections, we just “appoint” our state senators and representatives?

    Just got the first of what I am sure will be a long line of high dollar mail box stuffers from the Art Swann Campaign. It is a thinly disguised “official questionnaire” from our appointed State Senator to his “constitutients in Blount and Sevier Counties. The appearance avoids all sorts of “campaign” questions. What a hoot!

  2. Now waiting breathlessly on a Jerome Moon State Representative questionnaire, high gloss, high cost production, under the State of TN Seal to his BC constituents. What a hoot!

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  4. Hopefully, Moon’s days are numbered as a state representative. We have a Real, Genuine, Down-To-Earth candidate on the democratic ticket for the 2018 election.

    Get out and vote for JAY CLARK in the August 2nd primary and then again in November!!!

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