Even people from other counties find Register of Deed Phyllis Crisp’s behavior disturbing

Today I (Tona Monroe) received the following email related to the March Commission meeting in which Phyllis Crisp, Blount County Register of Deeds, spoke during public input on items not on the agenda about an item on the agenda.  The author resides in another Tennessee county.  Even people living in other counties are appalled by her behavior.

“Just watched the March meeting for Blount County.  That register of deeds is a real piece of work.

I also watched your presentation that you did in January and you’ve really got me interested in the discretionary inmates piece.  Is there still no data on how many or what rough % of inmates at county jails are from state or federal?  I’m interested in this issue here as well.

As always, thanks for everything you do.  You’re a real inspiration to me.  I’m hoping I can be as good a commissioner as you are.”

Phyllis Crisp praised newly appointed 4th district Commissioner Brian Robbins.  When she finished speaking Robbins stood up and clapped.  Afterwards someone said to me Robbins was clapping for himself, since Crisp was praising him.

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