A “survivor” huh? Kind of like I “survived” 9-11?

by Horatio Bunce

 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Watch as CFR-controlled Fake News’ Parkland shooting “survivor” David Hogg explains how he wasn’t there…

Now, if you believe this story and his alleged on-the-scene “video” as an alleged “student” who wasn’t at school, well you’ll probably be willing to trade liberty for safety – and deserve neither.

If your position is that you aren’t old enough, mature enough, stable enough, etc. to own a firearm and therefore the age limit for purchases needs to be raised (which suddenly morphed into demands for all-out gun bans), just what makes you (an admitted immature, unstable youth) qualified to decide public policy on firearms?

If a minor is too young, irresponsible, or immature to own a gun, why are they forced to register with selective service to potentially be forced to handle full auto weaponry for the U.S. Military within 30 days of turning 18? Why are their educations held hostage with conscription before they can have any federal financial aid for college?

Are military recruiters still allowed on high school campuses? How about ROTC? What, no marches about any of that stuff? Is it illogical that those with EBG (Evil Black Gun) Syndrome don’t ask these questions, and don’t seem interested at all in the ongoing promotion of full auto weapons right under their noses? Or does the 501C4 “non-profit” funding these fakes need to tell them everything?

And what about these students that talk about confusion with prior active shooter drills (same as Newtown) and multiple witnesses claiming there were multiple shooters, one of them walking down the hall evacuating the building with alleged shooter Cruz while simultaneously hearing other shots being fired? There is enough testimony here to tell they are not recounting a drill, but the day of the alleged shootings. These videos are being pulled by YouTube and reposted many times daily. What about these survivors? Are they liars we need to censor, or are they just as legitimate as Hogg who wasn’t actually there?


2 thoughts on “A “survivor” huh? Kind of like I “survived” 9-11?

  1. “childhood’s end” – Arthur C. Clarke 1953
    “lord of the flies” – William Golding 1954

    Woe to those that underestimate the power of the next generation. I’m just hoping that facebook is outlawed in my own lifetime.

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