9 thoughts on “Blount County Defenders: Drain the swamp

  1. As with most campaigns there are some candidates and their supporters who do dishonest things during the election. There is no reason for such actions except it reflects badly on the campaign that does it. My opponent, Shawn Carter’s campaign, are blocking my signs with their signs so the public cannot see my sign. Since his campaign is being financed by a special interest group he has plenty of money for signs. This type of childish behavior serves no useful purpose except to make the Carter campaign look bad. They proclaim to be religious but it is obvious their religion is different than mine. Perhaps the preacher’s campaign will mend their wicked ways. Let’s hope so.

  2. I didn’t know one had to declare a party when voting for a local or state election. A friend said Democrat when asked in early voting the other day and he was given a ballot with nobody on it. She did want to vote for republicans in her district but couldn’t. What should she have done different.

    • The May 1st election is a local government primary election. The general election is in August. One must declare which party primary that they want to vote in.

      Occasionally there will be issues on the ballot, such as 4 years ago when the sales tax increase was put to voters. A voter can vote on issues, regardless of party affiliation. There are no issues on the ballot this time; therefore, a person must declare whether they want to vote in the Democratic primary or the Republican primary election. There are a few Democrats running for county commission but in many races there are no Democrats.

  3. You must declare which primary you are voting in. The first election is the primary within each party. The winners of each face off in the general election of which all parties vote

    • Yes. The general election is in August. If there are Democrats running, they will be on the ballot along with the Republicans. The school board races are nonpartisan so there is no primary election. Those races just occur in the general election in August.

      It can be confusing in the August election because it is the county general election and the state and federal primary election. You’ll see the general election candidates for local offices but can still vote in the primary (Republican or Democratic parties) for state and federal races.

  4. Seems to me they bite their nose to spite their face. Why wouldn’t they let a Dem vote for Republicans, especially for races like Mayor, Sheriff and Commissioners, and when nobody running is a Dem., weather it’s a primary or general election. Those possible votes could mean a candidate getting elected. What am I missing?

    • Your friend the Democract could have voted for Republicans. All she had to do was request a Republican ballot because this is a primary election.

      Tennessee has open primaries, meaning you don’t have to register your party affiliation with the state. You can vote in which ever primary election your want (Republican or Democratic) without having register. You just can’t vote in both. You declare your party when you vote. Thus, Tennessee is one of the easier states to vote in because you don’t have to preregister your party.

      In an election where there are primary and general races, like the August election later this year, you can vote in a primary election and vote for a candidate from a different party in the general election if you so desire. In Blount County, there usually are no contested Democratic Party primary elections. Often, there aren’t even any Democratic Party candidates. Thus, the Republican Party primary elections are where you have choices.

  5. Thank You for the explanation. I have passed your excellent information on . Myself, I couldn’t give an explanation, IMO all running for office should be on the ballot, and let people vote accordingly. It’s like if someone declares one party over the other, they are punished. Oh well it’s a learning curve, and acclimation.

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