Yes Mayor Andy Lawhorn I do return phone calls to those in my district

In politics tall tales and utter nonsense can float around.  The Mayor of Friendsville, Andy Lawhorn, has told people that I (Tona Monroe) don’t return phone calls to the people in my district.  A while back, Commissioner Tom Stinnett called me and said that Lawhorn was trying to get ahold of me and asked if it would be OK to give him my phone number.  I told Stinnett sure and that my number was available on the county’s website.  I never heard from Lawhorn before or after that.

There have been a couple of issues related to the City of Friendsville that have come before the Blount County Commission.  No one from the City of Friendsville government has contacted me to discuss these matters, or if anyone has I never received a single message.

Someone asked me why someone had posted on Facebook that I don’t take landline phone calls.  I don’t know whether an incoming call is from a land line or from a cell phone.  There are some numbers that are recognizable as having been land line numbers but there is no guarantee that they are still land lines.  My number was a land line and is now a cell number.

As far as I can recall, I have returned every phone call to the constituents of my district, with the exception of a few who have told me that I didn’t need to call them back.  Some months back, I did have some phone trouble and I didn’t get messages or texts for a few days.  It’s possible that I could have missed a few calls and texts during that time.  If I did miss your call or text, feel free to call me at 856-0814.

Someone did share with me that they didn’t know how to get ahold of Lawhorn’s wife, Staci Crisp-Lawhorn, who is running for county commission because there is no phone number listed for her on the candidate petition page of the county’s website.

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