LTE: Jail expansion is empire building, not about public safety

The author of this letter to the editor points out that there was a lawsuit in Knox County regarding state sentenced felons and the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) must take the TDOC felons.  Here are the court orders regarding that lawsuit.

Knox County Jail Carver Case
Knox County Jail Roberts Case

Remember that nonsense from former Chairman Jerome Moon about commissioners being  sued in federal court over the jail?  These court records should put this matter in its proper perspective.

With a new sheriff in town, jail overcrowding and expansion could go away.

3 thoughts on “LTE: Jail expansion is empire building, not about public safety

  1. Blount County citizens do not want a regional prison here. Remove all state prisoners and federal inmates and it eleminates the present overcrowding. Cite misdemenor offenders to court instead of arresting them and puting them in jail. Bail is a rip off which a lot of people cannot afford so they fill up the jail. Several states have eleminated bail as a requirement to get out of jail including Kentucky.
    Homer White

  2. Like Knox we can’t afford state & federal inmates.

    And who is this person “Hess” running for the commission? No first name on any of the signs. Hope it isn’t Ron Hess.

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