Voter given ballot with wrong county commission district

Hello Folks,

Please see the conversation below.  Some information has been redacted to protect the privacy of the voter.  This matter is important to share, to make sure that the same type of error does not occur if you choose to vote early.  One way to check for this error is to look at the two digit precinct code on the slip you are given that has the four digit code that you enter into the machine when voting.

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Ms. Monroe,

______ is indeed registered at the Big Springs (BS) Precinct in District 7.  The Beech Grove (BG) precinct (10) is the accidental ballot he was given.  The JBC Operator (both parties sit at the booth) that issued the code simply pressed BG instead of BS.  The JBC Operators verify with the voter which precinct they are voting in as well as the primary they have selected.    I have checked the ballots for accuracy and they are correct.  This was a JBC Operator (human) error.  They have apologized for this.  To avoid future mistakes, I have instructed the Officer and JBC Operators that we need two sets of eyes verifying the accuracy of each ballot code.  I will also reach out to the other Officers at our locations to make certain to have two sets of eyes on this process to avoid future mistakes.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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Dear Ms. Hughes,

See the email below.

_________ resides at J Riley West Drive, Greenback, TN 37742.  He has historically voted in the 7th commission district with his voting precinct being the Big Springs Community Club Building.  However, when he went to vote he was given a ballot for the 10th commission district.

He brought this matter to the attention of an election worker who told him that he resides in the 10th commission district.

Please confirm that ________ does in fact reside in the 7th district.  If he does, then please inform me what you intend to do to correct this error and ensure that others are not receiving the wrong ballot for their respective commission districts.


Tona Monroe
Blount County Commissioner District 7 Seat B

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Thanks for the postcard.  I went to the Courthouse and voted early this morning.

Unfortunately, I came away more than a little confused.  I had prepared the sample ballot in the newspaper, and had it in hand as II was in the booth scrolling down the computer ballot.  But the computer ballot showed only District Ten A & B.  I called for help, feeling I need it to scroll on dowd to District Seven.  The voting assistant called for my registration form, and told me my address is in District Ten.  News to me, for over 12 years I’ve thought this was District Seven.  In fact Tona Monroe campaigned in this neighborhood, and I thought she was Dist 7 seat B.

And since you sent me a postcard, I further assumed that confirmed dist 7.  But either I am WAY WRONG, or the voting computers are.

Thought you’d be interested.  I couldn’t vote for you because of this confusion, either mine or theirs.

Good luck

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