Hey Gloria, what about Moonves’ accusers?


by Horatio Bunce

As I was reading today about the six female accusers of CBS executive Les Moonves, I got to wondering, where is Gloria Allred? I mean, come on, the fake-stream media telegraphed this story three days ago and even had a inter-company CBS ownership conspiracy theory ready to discredit the motivation of the employee/accusers. And, unlike her efforts in Alabama, Gloria is actually licensed to practice law in California. Seems like a ripe opportunity to speak up for these female victims. After all, there are TWICE as many as accused Roy Moore.

Funny, all these #MeToo people weren’t nearly so critical in their thinking when it came to Roy Moore accusers. By the way, how’s “attorney” Gloria Allred’s lawsuit for her yearbook-forger client Beverly Young Nelson going? Oh, that’s right, there isn’t one.  Gee, I guess Gloria really isn’t interested in justice after all. Or is it more accurate to say that her mission was accomplished by end of November and now Nelson has been disposed of by the DNC? Or how about “attorney” Gloria Allred’s other client Leigh Corfman? No lawsuit has materialized there either. As I asked 8 months ago, “Will those five “sexual misconduct” (whatever that means) lawsuits never materialize?”  So far, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

What has happened though (unlike the examples of attorney Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio facing similar accusations) is that the falsely accused has filed suit against Gloria Allred’s clients among others. Pretty interesting to read the declarations – all those accusers had previous axes to grind from unfavorable Moore courtroom judgements against them in one way or another – and those ties to the DNC higher ups by the sodomite co-conspirators on the fringes. Interesting.


So I am expecting #MeToo attorney champion Gloria Allred to be making an appearance any minute now in defense of these ladies. She is coming right?

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