Free US Constitution Class every other Tuesday

A free class on the federal Constitution is being taught every other Tuesday at 6:30 at the Alcoa Maryville Church of God located at 2615 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37804.

Meeting dates for 2018:
October 30
November 13
November 27
December 11

There is no meeting on Christmas day but the class schedule will continue into the spring of 2019 on an every other Tuesday schedule.  The meeting room is not numbered but the host of the event will great people and direct them to the class room.

One thought on “Free US Constitution Class every other Tuesday

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity to visit what’s possible in our nation. Unfortunately, it appears that the us vs them rhetoric will prevail, at least until the end of my lifetime.

    The other morning, did I watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders shed a tear for the media’s cameras, while being interviewed after the horrific synagogue attack. Within a few moments she begged an answer to what would solve our nation’s great division, & for a millisecond, did I believe sh3 was earnest. The solution is quite clear, yet 85% of Americans would shudder the thought.

    Healthcare has 2 and only 2 choices … nationalize ALL or build ditches behind hospitals so those that cannot afford, can be washed away with the next rain. There is NO middle solution, nothing, nadda. To carry on the status quo, merely creates Kings of med insurance companies, & leaves health care decisions in the hands of those unqualified to decide proper care.

    STOP allowing visiting Israeli Prime Ministers to direct our foreign policy decisions, especially when it comes to defining the US’s relationship with Sunni vs Shia nations. One shouldn’t need reminded that it was 15 radicalized Wahabi Sunni Saudi citizens that killed 3000 Americans, just 16 years ago; and that it was the Wahabi SUNNI gov’t that sanctioned the murder & dismemberment of an American journalist, a few weeks back.

    Not once, has a Shia nation been implicated in ANY confrontation with the US since 1979. Our nation MUST bury the hatchet with nations worldwide, that have meant us no harm, & rethink the monetarily driven relationships with the dictatorial murderous regimes, we’ve decided to bed with.

    Only then, can we deliver to Mike Huckabee’s daughter, a solution she did seem most earnest to beg for.

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