Governor Bill Haslam receives D rating on fiscal policy report card

The big government, gas tax increasing, oil baron, Republican governor of the great state of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, better known as Milquetoast the Cockroach for the strong resemblance and less than principled stances, has received a D rating from the Cato Institute for fiscal policies.

8 years of the anti-liberty, big spending roach has been more than enough.  I look forward to him no longer infesting the governor’s mansion in the great state of Tennessee.

3 thoughts on “Governor Bill Haslam receives D rating on fiscal policy report card

  1. But Bill Lee said he had “remarkable leadership” and “set us in the right direction”.

    To me that means more federally-controlled, no-bid, Pearson data-mining education, corporate welfare and higher gas taxes.

    But then I thought “In God We Trust” was the national motto (not E Pluribus Unum), so what do I know…

    • Please no. The oil baron should go back to making money and leave us alone.

      Haslam’s name has been floated as Mike Pence’s Vice President, should he run for the Presidency after Trump.

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