Thought of the day

by Horatio Bunce

Will Bill Lee also join the ranks of Washington DC corporation Achieve Inc. like Haslam and Bredesen upon assuming office? Do they have all the board members and national co-chairs they need or is there any pimping of our children left to do?

2 thoughts on “Thought of the day

  1. Bill Lee is saying many of the right things, that he “will lead a complete overhaul of our open records and open meetings acts” and he supports criminal justice reform. We will see.

    Bill Lee has talked about more vocational education but how will we the people pay for it? He could start by pushing to abolish Pre-K and use that money for vocational programs, rather than draining the taxpayers for more government educational programs that are promoted as investing in our children. Never mind that many people don’t have children but have to pay to educate all the children who attend government schools.

    Big education is a big government failure and certainly the most expensive “service” provided by state and local governments. Many people profit off the system of “free” education to kids. Education is the sacred cow of state and local governments and few dare to buck it.

  2. “… draining the taxpayer …”

    How about that useless stretch of pavement that most all right wingers (so-called conservatives) are supporting (Pellissippi Parkway Extension), that’ll connect a Golf Course to an Interstate? Talk about waste of dollars. I’m certain that conservatives around here love the idea of burdening their descendants with frequent asphalt maintenance costs–it’s just good business, right?

    I’d rather drive on gravel than to see a penny removed from local PUBLIC education, than to support 1950’s archaic non-sensical dreams of Fonzi’s hot rods and smelly asphalt. Alas, with a bit of patience, Betsy DeVos ‘ll destroy the PUBLIC education system, & we won’t need to worry about education dollars at all.

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