Phil Bredesen Supporters Threaten on Twitter to Leave Tennessee

by Horatio Bunce

According to the Tennessee Star here.

Maybe they can all go back to Common Core Phil’s lakefront place in New York into his “other world” where it is “more sophisticated“.  Where Harold Ford Jr. ran off to write his book and call us all racists (even Carpetbagger Phil) for choosing the other Democrat, Bailout Bob. And New York wouldn’t elect him either. And he got #MeToo’d. And Fired by the banksters he served so well in repealing Glass Steagall. But totally not for harassing that lady. It’s Sophisticated…I wouldn’t understand.

2 thoughts on “Phil Bredesen Supporters Threaten on Twitter to Leave Tennessee

  1. They could move to Kyrsten Sinema’s Arizona “meth lab of democracy”, and support her next time, where she’s currently only up about 2,000 votes in a race that is still too close to call two days after the election.

  2. Bredesen was the better pick, by far. Unfortunately, the historically challenged voter did speak their piece. Very few East Tennesseeans care to remember when Marsha vowed to give away incandescent light bulbs for Christmas, in retaliation to some imaginary left-wing conspiratorial “war ahn Coal” quite soon after the worst man-made disaster in American history (read TVA coal ash spill).

    The problem lies in the rightie’s refusal to accept that there is NO magical AMERICAN God’s vacuum cleaner, that’s gonna suck the vileness we pump into the atmosphere’s realm, when we burn electricity needlessly, & irresponsibly. If one dares, look to neighboring planets to see how one can melt metals on the surface, due to runaway greenhouse scenarios; you’d think we’d ponder our UN-conservative use of resources, but that would require rational critical thinking–that’s a resource that’s in minimal supply.

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