Senator Art Swann is trying to ban talking on cell phone while driving

Art Swann, Tennessee State Senator from Blount County, is trying to ban talking on cell phones while driving.  Simply talking on your cell while driving is not in and of itself a danger, excluding the health effects from radiation.

People use their hands while talking to passengers and driving every day.  Should that activity be criminalized as well since it involves using our hands and talking while driving?

The state of Tennessee already has a distracted driving law.  That is sufficient to stop people who pose a danger.

The very fact that legislation is being discussed to criminalize what is usually safe activity means that most cops don’t view driving while talking on your cell phone as dangerous activity.  If they did, they’d be charging people with distracted driving.  Safe activity shouldn’t be criminalized.

These bills will be heard by the Finance Ways and Means Committees of both houses next week.  Please encourage the members to vote against these bills.  You can find the members here:

State Representative Bob Ramsey, also from Blount County, is a cosponsor of the house legislation.

Let freedom ring!

One thought on “Senator Art Swann is trying to ban talking on cell phone while driving

  1. Q1. Will LEGISLATORS be subject to this ‘law’?
    Q2. Will ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT and ALL FIRST RESPONDERS be subject to this ‘law’?

    If/when the answers to the above 2 questions are “Yes”, then – and only then – will this so-called ‘law’ even begin to be acceptable to The People.

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