Moving into #PhaseFU Part 2

by Horatio Bunce

Remember this idiot governor banned fruit and vegetable plant and seed sales by “executive order”. Guess they don’t need to eat in Michigan. And she called abortions not just essential services that must continue while you peasants are locked down, but “life sustaining”.  Call me crazy, but it seems like murdering your child is a pretty poor way to “plan parenthood”. Must be nice to have forced tax revenue rolling in, paid armed hitmen with badges to carry out your tyrannical orders and the attorney general at your personal disposal. This tyrant is clearly on the wrong side of the law and the constitution.

via Breitbart: Gretchen Whitmer Targets 77-Year-Old Barber’s Livelihood, Strips Operating License ‘Without a Hearing’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is waging an increasingly high-profile battle against an elderly barber, and he appears to be winning in both the courts of law and public opinion. Karl Manke, a 77-year-old from Owosso, reopened his shop after he was turned down for unemployment.” [ed: Karl states in video that he did receive a whopping $160 unemployment check]

Manke’s levity is a striking contrast to Whitmer’s attempts to appear tough.

“Despite failing to obtain a restraining order against the barber on Monday, Whitmer’s administration is continuing to pursue him in court.

The AG said:

The Attorney General’s court action, filed on behalf of MDHHS, seeks to enforce the MDHHS Director’s Public Health Order that deemed Mr. Manke’s business an imminent danger to public health in light of the COVID 19 pandemic and directs him to immediately cease operations at his barbershop. The State is seeking to schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

The AG asserted Manke’s open business presents “clear public health dangers.”

After the close of business on Tuesday, Whitmer’s administration stripped Manke of his operating license, his attorney said.”

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has suspended Karl’s license,” attorney David Kallman told radio host Steve Gruber.

“Not thinking about it, they’ve actually done it without a hearing, without any due process,” he added, saying the action took place some time after 5:00 p.m.

“It’s an unbelievable abuse of power,” Kallman said, arguing there’s no legal basis for the action.

“This is pure retribution by the governor’s office and by the AG. This is so petty and vindictive, it’s beyond the pale,” he told Gruber.

According Kallman, the AG claimed one of the reasons for the license suspension was because Manke was violating the temporary restraining order–which was never granted.


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