Is your sheriff a peacekeeper or a law enforcement officer?

by Horatio Bunce

“Adversity does not build character; it reveals it.”

As the unconstitutional executive order is increasingly being used by the nation’s governors (sometimes on a daily basis) and then declaring their edicts as “law” that must be obeyed, sheriffs are placed in a position of adversity. This predicament is going to prove where their loyalties lie and what is their character. They must choose between the edicts of a governor, many times parroting the “recommendations” of an unelected body in the case of the CDC or WHO, and keeping the peace with their constituents whose liberties are being demolished. Over time, the facts are being realized: that the COVID-19 death count is partially fabricated to inflate numbers (and get federal thousands per patient), that the corona virus tests have been found to give false positives, which again inflate numbers, that the lack of deaths despite the allowed use of certain businesses, that the hospitals were not overwhelmed and in fact laid off workers, despite that being the reason for the original 2-week quarantine (of all the well people) and that the “flattening the curve” goalposts keep being moved. They are detectives after all. They are not stupid. They can tell if this doesn’t add up. Maybe they are financially conflicted because of federal funding, asset forfeiture cash cows, etc. In Tennessee they don’t have too much to be afraid of because of qualified immunity and can rarely be held accountable in a criminal court for actions taken “on the job”. But now they are having to look their unemployed neighbors in the eye. The ones that elected them. The law-abiding that would be on the side of righteousness with them if allowed to be. So do they just “do their job” and become “executive order enforcement”, or do they serve those who elected them by working to protect them against domestic enemies at the state and federal level? We are seeing both extremes in the United States and around the world.

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