Shouldn’t there be dead bodies everywhere by now….or at least lots and lots of sick people?

Volunteer Speedway May 22, 2020

by Horatio Bunce

I participated in an experiment to test my hypothesis that the Coronahoax is not a threat – at least in Tennessee – and the lockdowns (still prison terminology) and stupid, non-scientific six-foot social distancing and mask rules are ineffective and unnecessary. I believe (because it has been admitted and readily verified) that some portion of the COVID-19 test data is absolutely fabricated. We know it is not true in total, we just don’t know how much is a lie. While there may be some actual positive tests for coronavirus, the identity of the virus strain is not isolated and cannot be called SARS-Covid-2. Some of the test kits provided by the CDC were conveniently contaminated with a coronavirus themselves and generated false positives. Some people were declared to have COVID-19 simply because of observed symptoms, without being tested at all. Deaths were attributed to COVID-19 even with extenuating comorbidity circumstances, or totally unrelated causes of death. We also know that vaccines currently administered are polluted with coronaviruses from the animal cell lines they are created from which means you could have coronavirus present in your body from say, the MMR vaccine. So, while a deadly coronavirus concocted in a lab (which SARS-Covid-2 certainly was) may exist, it just isn’t having the desired effect of wiping out masses of the population like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation are hoping for. Testing in Tennessee has shown this. Only about 7% of those tested WITH SYMPTOMS actually tested positive for “a” (but maybe not “the”) coronavirus. Of those who test positive, maybe 10% would require hospitalization. In other words, 99.3% of people WITH SYMPTOMS will not even need hospitalization. I.e. the health risk is very, very low for most people – if it is even real. But we can’t know the true number because of the falsification of cause of death incentivized by the federal government in their cash-for-COVID scheme.

Back to my experiment. I am a racing fan. Have been since I was a kid and was a Richard Petty fan. I got to meet him at Bristol at age 5 or 6 back when normal paying customers could go into the pits and infield after a race and meet their heroes (who stuck around after 500 laps, on bias-ply tires, with no power steering, cool suits or hydration setups). I also love dirt racing, which is about the only racing I will attend any more. I make nearly weekly visits to tracks in our region during race season and attend a couple of multi-day national events each year. Like most everything else, racing season has been largely cancelled due to the Coronahoax executive orders (not the virus). A few states in recent weeks allowed competitors to race with no fans present, which were streamed online. But Tennessee was one of the early states (after Missouri) to allow any racing with fans present in the stands. I went to the first possible race to attend Memorial Day weekend at Volunteer Speedway. I knew it would be crowded, because the fans have been starved and getting tired of the junk science and “two more weeks” executive orders. It was a high paying event, and the drivers too had been starved of their way of making a living. With the executive order limitations (not the virus), they had to travel to “find work” at actual races. The place was packed. 143 race teams were there. We didn’t wear masks (except for the poor ladies in the concession stand – who had to as part of the “agreement” to “allow” us to gather again). We smelled race fuel and felt the rumble of the ground-pounding super late models and ate race track hot dogs. It was wonderful. It was America again. We stayed through rain delays and finally finished at 6AM. The announcers for the travelling series racing that night just couldn’t believe it and commented many times about the crowd that was still full at 3AM. It just doesn’t happen. And that was only night 1 of 4. By the way, I saw lots of Virginia license plates. Governor Coonman Blackface should know they didn’t have their executive order masks on and were down here “contaminating” Tennessee.


Smoky Mountain Speedway 5-23-2020


Night 2 was at Smoky Mountain Speedway. I did not attend this race, but it was crowded also.





5-24-2020 People enjoying what they love without government interference at the Bad Fast Taz

Night 3 was Tazewell Speedway. It was pretty full, I would say 95%. Typically there are only crowds this size one or two events per year when travelling series come to town that pay large purses and draw many drivers to compete. So, an uncommonly large crowd even for the first race of the year.








411 Motor Speedway 5-25-2020

Night 4 was 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour. I didn’t attend this one because I had work the next morning – and I could watch from home. But again, it was a capacity crowd of my redneck brethren enjoying what they love.





5-30-20 Tazewell Knoxville Toyota 50

Five days later, Tazewell hosted what will probably be its largest event of the year (due to prize money). This event was supposed to occur on April 21, but was cancelled due to Bill Lee executive orders (not the virus). Another capacity crowd (3500-4000) and fun had by all. Almost a week after the first event, and apparently not enough people have symptoms from mixing with thousands of others multiple times with no masks to make a dent in the crowds willing to gather of their own volition and enjoy being together again. So I am now at day 12 after my first exposure to hundreds (if not thousands) of my neighbors. In close proximity. With no masks. Guess what? I don’t have any symptoms. But maybe I am just lucky right? I mean, I didn’t get the double doses of the high-dose flu shot either and haven’t had the flu. Lucky again?

If what we are told about the Coronahoax is true, shouldn’t the area hospitals be overrun with COVID-19 cases any second now? THOUSANDS participated in my experiment – and then went back home, to Pilot/Flying J, the grocery, Lowes, Home Depot etc. Shouldn’t there be many thousands of “infected” by now? Don’t we need to have refrigerated trucks, ventilators and mass graves prepared for all the “death” that is sure to follow? Why aren’t you hearing about massive increases in cases on the “news”? Because there aren’t any, that’s why.


It is the ridiculous way in which state governments have participated in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lockstep Plan that has revealed the fraud the most. The masks don’t help prevent virus particle spread. They just don’t. It’s a fact. Forcing people to wear them is just a game. Those who want to force it today and claim “CDC recommendations, blah, blah, blah” need to decide if Anthony Fauci was lying in his 60 minutes appearance when he said they don’t work, and only serve to “make you feel better” (his air quotes, not mine) or is he lying now when going along with it. Because the truth and science didn’t change. He did. Social distancing of six feet is not proven either. Just testing the obedience of the sheep. Stand on the “X”, go through this corral, block off half the fire exits, close half the restaurant, because coronavirus. Some businesses declared “immediate health risks” and closed by government executive order (not the virus) while other favored ones remain open where you can contaminate and spread the coronahoax to your heart’s content. Or stupid group numbering limits – like it is okay to infect 10 people at a time – unless it is a building called a “church”. So much of what has been “recommended” is just stupid and contradictory. These health experts don’t really believe this is a health threat that came from China, or WalMart and Amazon would have had their inventories seized like the raw milk nazis destroy dairy farms without proof. They don’t believe it. My only question is, are the state players going along to keep Uncle Sugar happy or are they truly evil too? They can’t hide forever because Lockstep isn’t finished yet.

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