Fake leader. Fake virus. Fake lockdown. Real dumb.


by Horatio Bunce

What is it with these tinpot dictator tyrant governors? Their edicts from on high (or maybe just issued while they WERE high) contain little science and plenty of political targeting and cognitive dissonance. And they keep screwing up and demonstrating that there is nothing to fear in the Coronahoax because they repeatedly violate their own executive orders. Remember the original excuse for the lockdowns (still a prison term folks)? It was to keep from overrunning the hospitals, remember? Yeah, those hospitals. The empty ones with the laid off employees. Then the story became we have to extend your imprisonment to “flatten the curve” – although this is supposed to be a first-time-ever thing, so nobody has any idea what the “proper amount” of cases should be – and even in Tennessee, counties with ZERO cases were locked down to “flatten the curve”. Maybe they should revisit that divide by zero math lesson from 9th grade. But nobody, well mostly nobody, intentionally wants to jeopardize their family or neighbors so we complied. And then we looked at the data – even though it was faked to increase cases and reports of death – and realized there is a much larger game afoot here. Too many of the demands obviously were not rooted in any kind of science except maybe group dynamics. It became clear that the executive orders are not about your health. Or if they were, these people are completely incompetent to recommend methods to protect yourself in the event of a real pandemic. But the tyrants demand you believe the “Coronahoax Facts“. Even when their “new normal” policies were driven by junk science and a junk scientist Ferguson who, surprise, also proved his lack of faith in the deadly Coronahoax by meeting his mistress multiple times to commit adultery. Still, the Covidiots pressed on, truth be damned, dragging their feet, predicting a “second wave”, although again, this is a never-happened-before thing yet the “experts” seem to keep knowing what is going to happen. More feet dragging holding out for the Gates Plague Moderna vaccine to be forced upon us all – which by the way will be the source of the “second wave” if and when it arrives, just like the flu vaccines turn their recipients into flu virus shedders who spread the disease everywhere and then point fingers at “anti-vaxxers” as the problem.

So the Coronahoax science-deniers were running out of excuses to use their “phasing” plans to allow you peasants to beg for the remnants of your liberty in your “new normal”.  I.e., you can now infect 25 people at a time, but only outside. Indoors, you are only allowed to infect 10 people at a time – unless you are at Walmart or Target. No communion or collections at church meetings, but paying with cash is just fine at Walmart/Target/Costco etc. People weren’t having it. They know it is a game. They know you are liars. This isn’t about our health. Enter the race riots, conveniently timed, well coordinated I might add, and supplied with mysterious piles of bricks no less. Now the tin pots have to show solidarity and break their own executive orders to continue the game, while at the same time concentrating on more important matters like taking down statues and explaining how your constitutional right to assemble is not essential, but rioting and looting are ok and do not spread the coronavirus and neither do their virtue-signalling marches. Oblivious to their blatant hypocrisy…..just plain stupid….or are they so arrogant they don’t think there will be any repercussions? Just keep pushing tin pot. There are a lot of Carl Dregas out there. And you unemployed them. And raised their taxes. The more you keep going, the less people have to lose.

When you don’t even keep your own edicts, you prove that they are lies and you do not believe the public health threats you used to justify them. You demonstrate there is no rule of law when you will not obey your own demands or, you demonstrate that you do not care for the lives of the people you represent, because after all, there you are spreading the virus. 

Are they following the Rockefeller Commission Lockstep plan with promises of future reward? Much like traitor Andrew Johnson accepting the position of Tennessee’s “military governor” (can’t find that in the Constitution anywhere either) from “honest” Abe Lincoln. You might find it just didn’t work out as planned. Don’t end up like Sully:

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