Fluzone flu shots more deadly than Coronahoax

by Horatio Bunce

It’s right there on the insert. Keep in mind that is what the manufacturer is willing to admit because vaccines are not held to the same FDA standards or testing requirements of prescription drugs. Do you opt to get flu shots? Do you read the inserts? Did your doctor advise you on the possibility of death from the flu shot before administering it? Basically, they don’t need to because our almighty government has released vaccine manufacturers from all liability for damage you incur due to their product (Thank you Ronald Reagan). Neither can your doctor be held accountable for administering it nor for not gaining your informed consent prior to the jab. Caveat Emptor. Well, I guess they are “free”, so maybe just the Caveat part.

All the CDC “recommendation” worshippers and executive order-spewing governors need to explain. Why is there an APPROVED flu “vaccine” with a published death rate greater than Coronahoax inflated numbers that CDC now admits to – and you didn’t do a damn thing about it as it killed people year over year? Can’t remember you doing anything but closing school for a week after the flu shot shedders spread their disease all over, except for recommending we get one too.

Think there is a problem with the CDC advising all patients 65 and older to get a “high-dose” flu shot (which has 4 times the dose of the regular)? How about advising them to get two of these per flu season? When they already know there is a greater risk of contracting another respiratory virus (e.g. coronavirus or rotovirus or H1N1 swine flu) if you receive a flu shot. Still can’t figure out why all the deaths in the nursing homes? Maybe you want to space them 6 feet apart and wear do-nothing masks while giving them their double-dose death shots?

If you want to brush this off and say the flu shots are no problem to be concerned with, why did we kill the economy and why are we still doing this phased lockdown and mask-wearing BS for something that is less than half as deadly as the flu shot itself?


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