Tennessee Expands Surveillance State in the Name of Safety

The CIA is investigating whether laws were broken by helping the NYPD. 

This comes at a time when the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Bill Gibbons, writes an ‘opinion’ piece that we are safer because of our “nation’s best” Fusion Center and a new terrorism law, at an enormous cost of $200 million. 

Seriously Mr. Gibson $200 million?  Does it really take that much money to stop a few terrorist in one state?  There are 49 more States, plus DC and several territories and you feel we’re safer because we’ve fused law enforcement, encouraged people to report their neighbors and spent $200 million?

With solidification of a $200 million surveillance state in Tennessee, there continues to be one report after another in the news about murders and police brutality right here in Blount County.  Are we any safer, after 9/11, from murderers, rapers and cops that beat people? 

When asked if we are safer after September 11, 2001, Mr. Gibson says, “Yes, I think we are.”  Mr. Gibson instead of a propaganda piece telling how you “think” a $200 million police state makes us “safer”, how about giving us some real facts.

How many terrorist activities have been prevented because of this $200 million?  How many crimes have been prevented?  How does this prevention rate compare to traditional crime prevention strategies?  Is this more or less cost effective?  With a federal government that is in debt over $15 trillion (much more when entitlements are included) do you really feel it wise to spend $200 million in just one of these united States?  How much money is enough to stop terrorism in Tennessee?  Are groups being targeted through increased surveillance?  Who have Fusion Center partnered with?  What kind of information is being collected and/or stored in the Fusion Center?  Who is the information being shared with?  Have you made any effort to inform Tennesseans that the Department of Safety collected  biometric photos of them when renewing their driver’s licenses?  Have you informed the people that the State has contracted with L-1 Identity Solutions, a company that was recently purchased by Safran, which is a French conglomerate partially owned by the French government?  Does this foreign government owned company have possession of sensitive personal information?  What company(ies) has/have our biometric information? 

Mr. Gibson speak of traffic stops, as a way of stopping terrorism.  Much of the terrorism of traffic stops is the government harassing the people, not the other way around.  Many traffic stops are generated because of victimless crimes, where there is no danger to anyone, but a huge revenue motive for government.  Moreover, if traffic stops are effective in preventing terrorism, then surely $200 million more isn’t needed.

I’d like to see some evidence that this $200 million police state expansion has made us safer.  Quoting the constitution at the end of the article does not convince me that I, nor the people of Tennessee, are any safer because of this expensive surveillance state.

3 thoughts on “Tennessee Expands Surveillance State in the Name of Safety

  1. I wonder how many different sources of information are fused together in this center? Example: health records, phone calls, job records, internet sites, etc

    Is this even known information?

  2. Good question. The simple answer is “we the people” don’t know much about the information being collected, stored and fused. Appendix C, entitled Functional Categories, of the Fusion Center Guidelines shows an extensive list of categories that Fusion Centers are encouraged to collect information on. http://epic.org/appendix-c.pdf Even thought this list includes many aspects of our daily lives, it’s just the starting point for information collection and sharing or fusion.

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