Why did the masks stop working in October? Just a coincidence?

by Horatio Bunce


The State of Tennessee has a Covid-19 dashboard site now that allows you to look at the trends for Coronahoax tests in each county. The graphs show the number of positive tests in gray, negative tests in a bluish color and the 7-day average of percentage of positive tests as a red line. The same graph format is used for each county, but the scale on the graph changes so that the scary red %positive trend line is always big and apparently the highest value at first glance. But, they use two different scales, the one on the left side is the % positive for the red line and the right side scale is the number of tests. You can move your cursor along the timeline at the bottom and see the actual numbers for each calendar day. I thought it might be interesting to see how the mask-mandated counties are looking compared to others. What you will see in nearly every county is a sudden ramp of positive case percentage beginning in last week of September into October.  Just as Coronahoax appeared to have nearly eradicated the flu and pneumonia in the spring (along with many other deadly diseases), I expect the “second wave” that was amazingly predicted for the never-been-seen-before Coronahoax, will be again attributing nearly all influenza “cases” as Coronahoax.

I have been expecting the typical, “influenza-like-illness” ramp up again this fall as soon as the “free” flu shots were getting pushed out. It turns out that injecting people with influenza creates widespread “influenza-like-illness” in your community. I believe the people receiving the flu shot who then immediately become symptomatic for a number of days are spreading the flu shot strain to the community around them. They spread it to their households and people they are in contact with. Kids take it to school and spread it throughout the school and typically at some point during the year, schools shut down for a week or more because of viral sickness. This happens every year. This never happened in Tennessee in the 1970’s-80’s when I was in K-12 schools. But we didn’t have “free” flu shots pushed by the government and big Pharma every year at taxpayer expense. No flu shot signs on every shopping center corner, no $5 bribes to get your flu jab. We also know that the flu shots give you a 36% greater chance of contracting another respiratory virus (besides the one you just injected yourself with) such as the Coronahoax. We knew this last fall when the Dept. of Defense study came out. The CDC then recommended high-dose (4x the normal dose) flu shots for all people over 65 years of age in the following weeks. It is unbelievable that anyone in “public health” is advocating flu shots at this point if they really believe the Coronahoax is deadly enough to justify shutting down society. The test graphs for most of the counties show this ramp which coincides with the roll-out of flu vaccines. It doesn’t care whether your county makes you wear a mask or not. When rising positive test rates are pointed out for the mask-mandated areas, they want to blame it on people not adhering to the mandated rules. When rates are low in non-mask areas, those same people want to point to population density and say the people are all spread out so they don’t spread the virus. Well, if the masks and social distancing work, how come these areas get this ramp at the end of September into October? Did every single one of the masked up areas suddenly rebel against the rules at the exact same time? Maybe, just maybe face diapers don’t protect you from a virus that was injected into your arm. And they don’t prevent you from shedding your flu shot virus to others.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Blount County: Note the ramp beginning in the end of September.







Knox County: similar ramp at October even with mandated masks and distancing, etc.








Davidson County: same ramp, even with Tin-pot Cooper at the helm writing $50 mask tickets







Sullivan County: mask mandates = same ramp in October







Shelby County: same ramp, same time







Now let’s look at a few rural counties – which for some reason the Dept. of Health think need more testing and they keep running these weekend special test centers:

Grainger County: Huh, mask-free and all of a sudden a ramp in October – how about that? Did the people suddenly start moving closer together and coughing or singing or what?







Claiborne County: Grainger’s neighbor to the north that also had their County Fair at the end of August which was criticized as a “super-spreader” event by the mask-holes. Didn’t happen. You may also note that Claiborne has the lowest positive rate of all the counties so far, but we gotta switch the graph scale around to make the scary red line prominent!







Johnson County: Johnson is another of the rural counties the Dept. of Health targeted for additional weekend tests. Looks like they have the ramp in October. I noticed the huge spike in September at 51.3% positive for the week prior to 9-13-20. One thing to keep in mind is that test data presented on a percentage basis is really skewed when the sample size is small – like all the rural counties are. I.e., you tested 5 people and only one person is positive that day, but OMG! we have a 20% positive rate!  I delved into the data for each of the seven days 9/7-9/13 and found some interesting stuff that makes no sense whatsoever.







Check out September 8: -2 Positive and 3 negative.  Not sure how you have -2 people come in and take a test, but that’s what is being reported.







Then look at September 12: Somehow there are -37 Negative that day with 40 Positive. This is how you get to 51% positive for the week. Subtract a bunch of negatives. It’s an emergency!








Check out your county…see if you can find similar not-possible errors in the Dept. of Health’s reporting that falsely inflate the positive rate.



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