BLM and Proud Boys – funded by same operation?

by Horatio Bunce

“Until the FBI explains why BLM subversive John Sullivan, who video shows was (sic) the only armed member of ThE iNsUrReCtIoN, was released from their custody in <12hrs, assume that he was their asset and January 6th was their operation.

Prove me wrong.



If you aren’t familiar with John Sullivan, he was active within BLM in Utah and Oregon and was identified by the western “antifa” ranks as an agent provocateur. He has past ties to FBI. His is the video referred to here, showing the “capitol police officer” (or at least his cuff-link and bejeweled wrist) allegedly shooting unarmed military psyop division veteran  “Ashli Babbit” and the aftermath of fakery, destruction of the murder scene evidence by “trained professionals”, etc.

Take a look as even eyewitnesses there that day call them out as “actors”:

If John Sullivan, the Agitator at the Capitol, Is Not BLM/ Antifa, Who Does He Work For?

According to the article linked above, his brother James, “is a pro-Trump activist who helped organize the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, DC.  James is affiliated with the Proud Boys”. James Sullivan called for Black/ minority Republicans to confront Antifa at the city’s Black Lives Matter Plaza on January 6, which could have led to violence.  James Sullivan is the founder of the Utah-based ‘Civilized Awakening’ group that supports Trump’s agenda and is a sharp critic of Black Lives Matter.”

Gee, what are the odds his brother was organizing the “other” side?

“Raw footage filmed by [John] Sullivan inside the Capitol and published on his [John’s] personal YouTube channel shows him [John] in rapport with Trump supporters, even offering them his knife to get through a locked door. He urged the crowd to commit acts of violence.”

So by January 6th, John had moved from Antifa/BLM agent provocateur to Trump Rally provocateur – but he had prior experience playing both sides in the fake war:

“[John] Sullivan currently is in trouble in Provo, Utah, his hometown, where he is facing charges for inciting a riot and criminal mischief in July 2020 in a protest against police. He is accused of kicking vehicles, threatening motorists, and urging protesters to block traffic. A female driving an SUV was stopped by the protesters and shot by one of his associates. Blumenthal says the incident led to the formation of the Utah Citizen’s Militia and galvanized right-wing forces across the state. Days later, John organized a rally and armed militia members counter-protested across the street. John invited several members of the Proud Boys and militia activists to address his crowd, and has had other contact with the Proud Boys. Very strange behavior, indeed.

Conveniently: “Their father is a retired Army Lt. Col. whose name has been withheld at the request of several acquaintances of the family.

Folks need to wake up to the fact that the US Government alphabet agencies are embedded and acting as provocateurs in both left (antifa) and right (proud boys) organizations. Their coordinated false flags will continue to be used to erode liberty and employ even greater unconstitutional government controls.

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