Tennessee Department of Health Data shows “fully” Vaccinated infected with Covid have more than 3X fatality rate vs. Unvaccinated

“Case” drop immediately after Biden inauguration. Total Covid IFR for all cases at 0.6%

By Horatio Bunce


I am going to write this post with the assumption that: the reader has some knowledge of the RT-PCR (PCR) test that has been used for coronavirus testing for the last 16+ months to declare positive “cases” of Covid-19 and how it is utilized with amplification cycles multiplying the nasal swab sample material, that it is not an “approved” test for this purpose, that it is only “authorized for emergency use” for coronavirus testing, that it can be run in such a way as to virtually guarantee a positive result if desired and that it was never intended to be used as a health condition diagnostic tool according to its creator Kary Mullis, that PCR amplification cycles above 30 generate a tremendous number of either false positive results or at best positive results in persons that are incapable of spreading disease because of small viral load and that even higher PCR amplification cycles make it easier to call a result positive with no symptoms of any kind. If you don’t know what any of this is about, let me know in the comments and I can provide more info.

What you can understand, even if you do not know the details of how the PCR test works, is that the state’s data is currently showing that “fully vaccinated” persons infected with Covid-19 are dying and being hospitalized at much higher rates than unvaccinated persons. In fact, the July 22, 2021 data for Tennessee now shows the fatality rate for the “fully vaccinated” that get infected is more than three times higher than for the unvaccinated. The hospitalization rate for the “fully vaccinated” is at 19%. There is a good reason for this. They have been cheating the data in favor of the vaccinated to promote “vaccines”(*) and now it is biting them in the rear. Allow me to explain why.

Vaccinated persons who then are infected with Coronavirus have 3 times higher chance of death than unvaccinated.

(*) I use quotes around the word “vaccine” in regard to the mRNA gene therapies by Moderna and Pfizer as these are not traditional vaccines in any sense as the term was used prior to 2020.  There is no isolated, purified, inactive or live virus within them – as within for instance, an influenza vaccine. These mRNA therapies are experimental products that have never been tested on humans until now. Just another part of the deception to promote these, calling them something they are not in order to promote their acceptance.


March 2020

The WHO in the beginning of the “pandemic” recommended utilizing the PCR test and that it be run for 40-45 amplification cycles. It was well known in advance that this would result in a huge number of false positives, or that at best, huge percentages of positive test subjects would be incapable of generating symptoms or being contagious. This resulted in many, many positive test results, but very few actual sicknesses. Very few had actual symptoms. Very few were hospitalized or died. Remember, “two weeks to slow the spread”? The original goal was to not overwhelm hospital capacity, remember? Then we transitioned from hospitalizations and deaths to counting positive “cases”, and “test, test, test, testing is the best way to stop the virus”. Because of the high PCR cycle threshold, this virtually guaranteed a large percentage of positive tests – enough that a “pandemic” could be declared, enough that Trump could enact Operation Warp Speed and cut loose Trillions of tax dollars to vaccine companies to develop a “vaccine” for Covid-19. Lockdowns came, mask mandates came – despite no previous science to support their use against airborne or aerosolized virus particles (there still isn’t any). Because the vast majority of “positives” had zero symptoms, the fallacy of the “asymptomatic, infected spreader” was created to maintain the blind faith in the PCR test knowingly run at 40-45 cycles. This was also used to force masking on normal, healthy people. We even declared people who weren’t tested as positive just because hospitals/states could get money per patient, same for “close contact tracing”. People were declared positive just because they had been close to someone that likely tested false positive. The goal at this time was to create “cases”, which were also redefined as anyone who simply tested positive with a PCR test, not an actual hospitalization case, as the term had previously been used by the healthcare industry. The “pandemic” then became the “casedemic”.

December 2020

Covid-19 “vaccines” are rolled out in mid-December and first doses are given, with second doses for Pfizer and Moderna following 2 weeks + later. All of the Covid-19 “vaccines” are unapproved, and only have “emergency use authorization” to this day.

January 2021

On Joe Biden’s inauguration day, the WHO suddenly changes their recommendation for the PCR test and effectively lowers the recommended cycle threshold. A new threshold isn’t specified, but their recommendation admits there are errors occurring (which of course are due to their earlier recommended cycle threshold). Now it is stated that high cycle threshold, but no symptoms, doesn’t mean the person has Coronavirus – completely contrary to the “asymptomatic, infected spreader” theory we had lived under the last nine months. This has the effect of immediately lowering the false positive rate for the tests and any and every locale will expect to see an immediate reduction in the number of positive “cases” – whether anyone ever received the “vaccine” or not. You can see this on virtually every graph of positive cases anywhere in this country. There will be a peak at beginning of January and the bottom drops out as soon as the cycle threshold is dropped on the PCR test in early January. Florida had already passed legislation requiring that the PCR cycle threshold be published by the testing laboratory on every PCR test result AND that the cycle threshold must be no more than 30. This change by the WHO also would give the impression that the vaccines were “safe and effective” and reducing positive “case” rates. It also destroyed the data set prior to January 14, making comparisons to trend data useless. A new baseline was established as far as positive “cases” was concerned.

Spring 2021

As people began to take the “vaccine” doses, many had adverse reactions of various types. Different brands of the “vaccine” were producing different reactions. There was experimentation in the manufacturer’s plans, as these are the human trials for all of the “vaccines”. We were all told that they were safe and effective. In fact 94% effective at preventing Covid-19. This number came from two trials on thousands of people that were injected. Approximately half of the people were given a placebo and the other half the injection. Seven days after “fully vaccinated” the groups were compared to see how many tested positive for Coronavirus. Both groups had people test positive, but the vaccinated group had only 6% of the total number that tested positive out of all participants. That is how they came up with 94% effective. We DID know that at least 6% in this trial tested positive for the virus after being “fully vaccinated”. We didn’t really know if it prevented anything. It was assumed that all these thousands of people had virtually identical exposures (or not) to what we were told was an airborne, aerosolized virus. While those who wished to be “vaccinated” began to get their shots, a massive propaganda campaign began to meet Biden’s vaccination goal in his first 100 days. The adverse events to the shots began to mount. The VAERS system recorded many hospitalizations and deaths following both first and second doses of the “vaccines”. Social media moved to silence/censor and suppress this information, while promoting the “vaccines” as “safe and effective”. Willingness to get the shots waned. People with adverse reactions to the first dose chose to stop and never become “fully vaccinated”. Fully vaccinated individuals began to test positive for Coronavirus. We had to create a new term for this: breakthrough cases; and then create a narrative that these were to be “expected”, along with the adverse reactions (when those weren’t summarily dismissed as coincidences), and that the “vaccines” were not meant to prevent infection or spread of the virus, only to diminish the symptoms and severity of Covid-19. The result was even less want to gamble in this medical experiment that won’t even prevent the disease.

April 2021 – let the cheating begin

In the midst of reopening of states like Florida, continued unmasking of many states, without a corresponding increase in positive cases or deaths compared to still locked-down and masked states, the CDC has to do something to hide the now sky-rocketing trend of “fully vaccinated” persons testing positive for Coronavirus. This is not good for business. They announce new guidance that vaccinated persons should only be tested with a reduced PCR cycle threshold of 28 or less. This is not science. This is putting your thumb on the scale to skew in favor of vaccine manufacturers, trying to reduce the number of vaccine failures. If this testing standard was used for all people, the number of “cases” would drop across the board, so why the special treatment here? Why is the CDC knowingly letting “asymptomatic infected spreader” vaccinated people through?

May 1, 2021 – more cheating and damage control

After the April data was coming in on “breakthrough cases”, i.e., vaccine failures, and the numbers were doubling every two weeks or so, the CDC announced that they would no longer be counting “fully vaccinated” persons testing positive for Coronavirus unless they were actually hospitalized or dead. The reason they gave:

This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.”

That’s right. We now just ignore the “fully vaccinated”, infected spreaders. Even the favoritism of the reduced PCR cycle threshold for the vaccinated isn’t enough to hide the failures.  Spin begins on how the breakthrough cases have not been proven to be contagious, how the infections are “mild” and “not serious”. And of course, the vaccines are still “safe and effective”. Tales of the “Delta” variant begin to provide cover for the “vaccine” failures but Biden, Fauci and the CDC have mixed messaging on whether the “vaccines” are effective or not against “Delta”. The damage due to the cheated stats is just beginning and hasn’t been realized yet.


July 2021 – Reap what you sow

High profile breakthrough cases continue to emerge. Hypocrites like Joe Torre and the New York Yankees and the Foo Fighters, who wouldn’t allow fans to attend if not “fully vaccinated” turn up to be infected themselves. “Fully vaccinated” UK Health Minister Sajid Javid is positive for Coronavirus after pushing for vaccines, and tries to spin his infection as “mild” and not bad symptoms. “Fully vaccinated” Texas Democrats leave the state by airplane (with no masks) and then turn up infected in Washington DC. The “vaccines” are not preventing infection or spread. Biden attempts to assign all blame to the unvaccinated and claim they are “driving the pandemic”. States however, have been following the CDC guidance and only recording breakthrough cases that are hospitalizations or deaths – and declaring that “99% of our cases are unvaccinated”. No kidding. Maybe if you didn’t test them at all until hospitalized it wouldn’t be so high, or how about if you cut the PCR cycle threshold to 28 like you do for the vaccinated? So what is the effect of their skewing the data? They know this approach is completely dishonest, but the goal now is to shame the unvaccinated and make them a scapegoat for the vaccine failures. However, now only the hospitalized and dead are counted among the “fully vaccinated”. Guess what that does to the hospitalization and Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for the “fully vaccinated”? It will skyrocket. By trying to fake the data for the “fully vaccinated”, they have now taken the opposite extreme of the original approach with the PCR tests run at 40-45 cycles. They have eliminated the false positives and probably some of the real positives, since even symptomatic, positive-testing, vaccinated persons are ignored until hospitalized. Both the hospitalization rate and IFR will go through the roof – in fact the hospitalization rate would be 100% if data prior to the May 1st  CDC change was removed. How does this threat of hospitalization or death compare to the unvaccinated who contract Covid-19? It is worse. No question about it, no matter how you slice it.

These frauds have lived by the PCR test and now they are dying by it. Nobody in their right mind can say it is worth  the risk to take a still experimental, unapproved vaccine, risk the potential side effects, then not be protected against the disease and STILL have a 3X greater risk of death if infected. Oh, and you still have to wear a mask. You should expect very, very soon that “the science” will change on this IFR measurement, because there is nothing but bad news in its future for the “vaccine” shills. In fact, the CDC has just announced they recommend doing away with the PCR test for good by the end of the year (or not seeking reauthorization for the 2-year anniversary of the “emergency” use). They say we need a test that can tell Coronavirus apart from the flu. Yeah, that’s right. An admission that the PCR test gives you positive results from influenza. But you were told there wasn’t any flu last year because you wore a mask, right? Remember the across-the-board October Ramp in Covid “cases” from last year? It’s coming back. Just wait until those flu shots roll out.


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