Ballad Health data shows despite 38.6% Covid-19 vaccination rate, the Unvaccinated have a 99.958% rate of not being hospitalized


by Horatio Bunce

Ballad Health released system-wide Covid-19 hospitalization data this week to continue shilling for the leaky Covid-19 “vaccines”, taking a break from the current alarmist message calling for all children to be masked. Ballad claims to have 201 hospitalizations for Covid-19, with 180 of those being unvaccinated. The other 21 are Covid-19 “vaccine” failures, or “breakthrough” cases, that we are constantly told are “expected” since Covid-19 “vaccines” cannot prevent infection or spread of the disease, but prevent severe Covid-19 hospitalizations and death. So 11% of their Covid-19 patients are vaccine failures that have resulted in serious illness and hospitalization. Ballad claims they are on an unsustainable rate of increase in “cases” (but apparently not actual hospitalizations) and even suggest they may request the assistance of the National Guard to deal with the surge that isn’t here yet.

Ballad also claims to have 113 Covid-19 “patients” that are being treated and monitored AT HOME. That’s right. Over 1/3 of their Covid-19 patients aren’t even actually at the hospital. They are at home. Their vaccination status was not disclosed.

Of course, Ballad’s alarmism is always centered upon finding a way to shill for the Covid-19 vaccines and lamenting the low vaccination rate in their “service area”, which they stated is only 38.6%. And, even though their Covid-19 inpatient load is only 2/3rds what it was last December, unless you are about to die, “you’ll have to wait a while”. Well, what kind of service area population are we talking about here? I would assume, at a minimum, that Ballad counts all the counties where they have a hospital facility as part of their “service area”. I think it is only fair to include Unicoi County since they are landlocked by other counties that Ballad serves. County population data from US Census Quick Facts:

Sullivan – 158,348, Washington, TN – 129,375, Carter – 56,391, Johnson – 17,788, Unicoi – 17,883, Hawkins – 56,786, Hancock – 6,620, Greene – 69,069, Washington, VA – 53,740, Wise – 37,383, Dickenson – 14,318, Russell – 26,586, Smyth – 30,104

Total service area population: 697,814   38.6% Vaccinated = 269,356  61.4% UNvaccinated = 428,458

% of UNvaccinated hospitalized with Covid: 180/428458 * 100 = 0.042%

% of UNvaccinated in service area NOT hospitalized with Covid: 100-0.042 = 99.958%

For the vaccinated: % of Vaccinated in service area NOT hospitalized with Covid: 100-0.0078 = 99.996%


So, they are overwhelmed with less than 1/10 of 1% of their service area. What happened to all that CARES Act money, Warp Speed money and the last 16 months? Ballad was furloughing over 1300 employees and cutting pay 20% in April of 2020: “We’ve lost up to 70% of our business, and we don’t know when it will come back.” Imagine that, right in the middle of a health care “crisis” and “pandemic”. It would appear that up to 70% of their business was “elective” or maybe you would say “non-essential” last year. Now that Ballad is forcing experimental, unapproved vaccines on employees, they will lose even more of them – along with nursing and medical student interns who don’t want to be lab rats. Meanwhile, India and Africa both enjoy much lower death rates due to Covid-19 than the United States due primarily to the use of Ivermectin as a treatment in India and its prophylactic use in Africa for malaria. It’s a lot cheaper than ventilators – and more effective. If the medical profession was interested in saving lives instead of shilling vaccines for Big Pharma and looking for Uncle Sugar handouts they would be looking at Drs. Tyson and Fareed and their treatment protocol. Over 6,000 Covid-19 patients treated with ZERO deaths. Or promoting anything related to boosting the natural immune system instead of experimental, unapproved, leaky vaccines. It is already well known that the Covid-19 death rate approaches zero with just above sufficient levels of Vitamin D3.  And considering the service area is overwhelming Ballad Health with less than 0.1% of the people, there will be no help in the event of a real pandemic.

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