American Citizens now Subject to being ‘Taken Out’ Through Summary Execution

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, along with many other war mongering neocons like flip flopper Herman Cain, are expressing joy over Anwar al-Awaki, being taken out in a drone strike, while many Democrats remain mute because a Democrat is President.  This should be a sad day for all Americans, because it means that it has become official USA policy to ‘take out’ (i.e. murder) American citizens, through summary execution, who have been charged with no crime and have no judge, no jury and no due process.

Anwar al-Awaki may have been as guilty as sin of many terrible acts of terrorism, but I will probably never know to what extent he engaged in terrorism.  What I do know is that our government informally accused (no formal charges) him of many heinous crimes, while never bothering to consult with a Grand Jury or Judge and chose to kill him.  If he had been indicted for terrorist crimes and a peaceful attempt was made to capture him and he started firing at those making the arrest, then killing him would have been justified.  However, we will likely never know if he was actually connected to these crimes, because we’ll never see the evidence in a court of law.

For those of you that still believe this policy is a good thing, keep in mind that the same government that can choose to ‘take out’ one of it’s citizens through summary execution is the same government that can do it to any of us.  If the rule of law means nothing, then I say we abolish government, because I’d rather have no government, than a government that can willfully choose which citizens it wishes to eliminate through summary execution.

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An Unconstitutional Killing Violates American Principles.

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