TSA Thugs Now Occupy Tennessee Roads




This is unconstitutional, because there is no authority for the TSA in the US Constitution and there’s certainly no authority to use them to police roads in Tennessee. Additionally it subjects innocent law abiding Tennesseans to unreasonable searches and probably some unreasonable seizures.  Shame on Tennessee politicians for selling out their fellow Tennesseans, by allowing federal agents to invade our roads.  Looks like that State sovereignty resolution that the legislature passed a few years ago was just political theater.

It’s quite fitting that this video features the alleged suspicion of contents in barrels, and this man is held over a barrel, symbolizing that people are being put over a barrel, despite no reason for doing so.

Furthermore, it’s time for the American people to ask, why do we even have cops policing our roads?  Cops are nothing less than a standing army and they are antithetical to founders vision for this country.  Cops are unconstitutional.

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