The Daily Times Fails to Give Details of Public Meeting

The Daily Times has never appeared to have rational priorities, but one undisputed thing that community papers are suppose to do is provide the details of public meetings.  With the invention of the internet, it is not difficult to expand to make that information available online.  The screen shot below shows that The Daily Times put the article entitled “Sheriff’s Office hosts meeting tonight on accreditation” under the section More News in Print or E-Edition.

Just above are the pictures of two young men arrested for shooting bears.  While the full article isn’t available online, there is a brief description of the article, directly below it giving the reader a general idea of what happened.  Wouldn’t it have been better to prioritize by placing the Sheriff’s accredidation meeting where the article about the two men shooting bears is?

In fairness, I haven’t been keeping up with The Daily Times website lately so I can’t say 100% that the information wasn’t available on the home page at some point, but when I did a search for “Sheriff” I found nothing about today’s meeting. 

Is The Daily Times afraid that public might actually find out about and attend a public meeting if they make this information available to the public for free?  What’s the point in having a community paper if they’re going to make videos about Jennifer Lopez readily available but not provide simple, yet imporant, details about public meetings?

5 thoughts on “The Daily Times Fails to Give Details of Public Meeting

  1. Yes….the Daily times is afraid someone will show up for these meetings. They failed to notice the public about School Board Member Chris Cantrells public meeting with his other “good Buddy” school board members who were SUPPOSE to be investigating his unethical behaviors towards teachers and school personel. It just so happens Cantrell is on the BCSO payroll as well. Assigning school board members who are “his friends” to “look into” Chris’s misconduct was like placing criminals to watch over a criminal.” It was a joke. I and many others searched everyday but never found where the Daily Times noticed the public ALTHOUGH THEY WERE THERE REPORTING ON THE MEETING!! Bias….is an understatement. I also wrote a letter for “Our Voice” regarding Chris Cantrells unethical behavior and where Blount Countians could see proof for themselves, in which the Daily Times would not publish, despite being ask numerous times because, what one can only gather, was because it was before the election in which Cantrell was running for another term. It should be called “The Biased Times.” I refuse to waste my money and reading ability on this, what should be, toilet paper.

    • Hi Catherine,
      I was told that The Daily Times gave the details of the CALEA meeting in the print edition, although I didn’t verify that. However, I don’t see why it would be difficult for the webmaster to create a public notice section on the website.

      The latest puff piece on Bob Ramsey shows blatant bias, covering him for a bill that he “may” co-sponsor. There’s been nothing about Ramsey and Overbey’s involvement in Pigeon Forge liquor.

      The Daily Times doesn’t just cover for the good ole boys, they are part of the good ole boys in Blount Co.

      • Since the first unpublished meeting broke the sunshine law a second meeting had to be held. I saw where they announced the date of the second one but not the first. However it was obvious to me their bias when they failed to print where and how Blount Countians could find the truth for themselves. Also, I 100% agree with you that they are part of the “Good Ole Boys” of Blount County..The Judges in Blount County are as well.

        • Has it been established that the sunshine law was indeed broken? I don’t doubt what you are saying, but have the School Board members admitted that is why they’re having a 2nd hearing? Can those members be punished under the sunshine law for breaking it? Why have a law if there’s no penalty for the people who break the law?

  2. That was th entire purpose and only reason for having a 2nd meeting. No one is going to waste money fighting a corrupt school system which is entwined with a corrupt sheriffs office. However, you did hit the nail on the head for alot of the issues we are facing today on the state and local as well as federal level. We already have laws on the books for numerous things with gun laws being the foremost on everyones mind right now. However, those laws are not enforced and the government wants to put several more laws on the books that will only be ignored and never enforced? Law enforcement is not about the truth anymore. In America, our laws are only worth the paper they are written on when they are actually enforced and they are enforced by those who have the money to back the enforcement of them. It should not be that way and that is not what our forefathers intended for this country but that has what it has become and I blame, for the most part,….lawyers, which is the profession of most of our government officials as well.

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