FBI Completes Investigation on Officer Doug Moore

According to this article, the results of the investigation have been given to the FBI.

What stood out to me is this statement:
In his response to the reprimand, Moore said he was worried that Coulter might have had a gun tucked under his body, so “I used my boot as an impact weapon as a distraction and pain compliance technique.”

Did other officers think that Coulter had a gun?  If so, why did they not find it necessary to kick Coulter to disarm him?  Did any Officers attempt to pat Coulter down, to search for weapons, before Moore began kicking him?  Did they ask Coulter if he had a gun/weapon? 

“Pain compliance technique” sounds a lot like torture to me, especially since it resulted in cracked ribs. 

I’d like to see some evidence that cracked ribs were justified.  It’s important to keep in mind that while Coulter did damage to a car and should have been stopped immediately, it does not mean that he was posing bodily harm to the Officers once he surrendered, by throwing his hands up in the air after crashing his vehicle into the officer’s vehicle.

Furthermore, I’d like to know why Sheriff James Berrong was present at this scene so early in the morning.  How often does the Sheriff himself respond to calls, especially this early in the morning?  Why did the Sheriff feel his presence was needed?

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