Bachmann and Santorum Fail to Qualify any Tennessee Delegates

5 Republican Presidential candidates will have committed delegates on the ballot on Tuesday March 6, 2010.  Mitt Romney leads the candidates with 48 committed delegates followed by Paul with 35, Gingrich with 34, Perry with 27, and Huntsman with 3.  Candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum failed to qualify any delegates.


It is somewhat surprising to see Bachmann and Santorum with no delegates, considering these two candidates are the closest to theocrats of any of the candidates, this is the Bible belt and Mike Huckabee, a preacher and politican, won Tennessee in 2008.  Their campaigns have failed to motivate even a single person in a State of roughly 6 million people to commit to putting their name on the ballot as a delegate.  These two candidates clearly lack the organizational structure to go the distance in this race.  Even if either stay in the race, neither has a chance of winning.


Perhaps the most note worthy observation of the delegates is that Ron Paul remains the only ‘outsider’ candidate, having no Nashville politicians on his slate of delegates.  Mitt Romney has 6 delegates who are in Nashville, were in Nashville or are married to someone who has been an elected official in Nashville.  Rick Perry has 7 delegates who have either spent time in Nashville as an elected official or who work for an elected official.  Newt Gingrich has 4 current State legislator on his slate of delegates.  2 of Huntsmans 3 delegates are Victor Ashe and and his wife.  Ron Paul continues to show, that despite being in DC for 20+ years, he is neither a Washington insider or an insider within the State establishment.  His 35 delegates are grass roots activist.


Mitt Flip Romney
Winfield Beat Hooker Dunn – Former Tennessee Governor
Ryan Politican Haynes – State Representative
Julia Hooters Hurley – State Representative
Alicia Mumpower – Wife of former State Rep.
Barrett Rich – State Representative
Mark White – State Government

Newt Flop Gingrich
Stacey Republican Campfield – State Senator
Joe e-verify Carr – State Representative
Tony Perry-Newt Shipley – State Representative
Terri Lynn Weaver – State Representative

Rick Duh Perry
Larry NWO Bates – Former State Representative
Brian Opps Kelsey – State Senator
Jimmy notrunninagin Matlock – State Representative
Ron Boots Ramsey – Lt. Governor & State Senator
Sindy Ramsey – Wife of Lt. Governor & State Senator
Jim Summerville- State Senator
Jordan Statist Young – Staffer of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey

John Giveitup Huntsman
Victor Ashe – Former State legislator, Knoxville Mayor & Bush Skull & Bones Yale roommate
Joan Ashe – Wife of former State legislator, Knoxville Mayor & Bush Skull & Bones Yale roommate

Ron CanWin Paul
Connections to Nashville Establishment – None

*These numbers are based on the names that I recognize.  It’s possible that more of the delegates have ties to Nashville politicians.  If you recognize someone with connections to Nashville that I have excluded please let me know.