Blount County Commission Unanimously Votes to Expand Police State at Jan 2011 Meeting

At the January 20, 2011 Blount County Commission Meeting, all 21 Commissioners voted to take grant money from the Department of Homeland Security.  (Item E4)  Commissioner Jim Folts sent me an apology after the Commission meeting, informing me that he had intended to vote against the Homeland Security grants, but due to the heavy stress he’s been under, he wasn’t paying close attention and will vote against such grants in the future.  Commissioner Tom Greene after the meeting told me that they (I assume he means the volunteer Fire Department) get a lot of equipment from these grants, that they could not otherwise afford.  He had no response when I asked him about where it says in the constitution that federal government can provide equipement to the states, and about his oath of office.

6 Commissioners did vote to table the Director’s salary transfer request, all the rest voting not to table.  The 6 that voted to table were Burchfield, Carver, Folts, Gamble, Lewis and Murrell.

At the 1 hr 52 minute mark you can here my comments admonishing the Commission for this outrageous sell-out and references to the nefarious actions of the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity and I provide the references to my comments below.

Recently the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, made a commercial for Wal-Mart, encouraging people to report suspicious activity, reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  She is even advocating that we federalize police, contrary to the US Constitution.

Here are some questionable people working within the Department of Homeland Security.
SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY HAS DUAL CITIZENSHIP.  This should raise questions as to Michael Chertoff’s allegiance.  Also this is the same man who is making a fortune selling body scanners to TSA and co-author of the nefarious Patriot Act.

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