Picking a Fight

Today’s guest post is by Eric Holcombe

Can’t imagine why Iran would think they need any weapons…


We are already waging economic war on Iran, forbidding any central banks to do business with them via the NDAA (which also permits indefinite imprisonment of US citizens without trial), then coercing the EU to impose sanctions on Iran coming later this year. We are putting Iran in a position of desperation, (if you’ve never seen the Pearl Harbor era McCollum memo from 1940, you need to take a look at that in the link) claiming, like Rick Santorum, that “they must be confronted” because of possibly having the ability to develop a nuclear weapon while at the same time stating we don’t think they have a nuclear weapon. Even Israel now declares this. So, which Americans are lying?

Iran is responding by threatening to close the straight of Hormuz to stop oil exports and thumbing their nose to Europe on their sanctions and refusing to export any oil to them. We are parking battleships and nuclear subs on their doorstep and have them surrounded on land in every neighboring country (that we didn’t delcare war against) and sending in unmanned drones (into a country we didn’t declare war against). The straight carries about 40% of the world’s oil exports. All the OPEC nations have to accept US dollars for their oil that is exported. If they start taking some other currency, say like Sadaam Hussein did, we invade their country and take over the oil exports. Countries that buy OPEC oil have to get our fake green paper to buy it. We print fake green paper out of thin air. This is a great deal for us – as long as we have the military to bully the OPEC nations into continuing this arrangement. Which is why we occupy all those nations surrounding Iran (without declaring war against them).

If they (non-oil producing countries) cannot earn enough dollars,then they have to borrow dollars from the WB/IMF, which have to be paid back, with interest, in dollars. This creates a great demand for dollars outside the U.S. In contrast, the U.S. only has to print dollar bills in exchange for goods. Even for its own oil imports, the U.S. can print dollar bills without exporting or selling its goods.


Which is why there is no interest in the Keystone pipeline or “independence from foreign oil”. We would be stupid to stop getting our oil (plus foreign imports) for nothing. Follow the money. The banksters are in control of our country. The players in the IMF World Bank are the US dollar, British pound, Euro, and Japanese Yen. These are the currencies that provide the basis for the IMF currency called Special Drawing Rights. Countries outside of this scam are getting gamed and want in on the action (China, Russia). Iran is a pawn. It isn’t them we are fighting. They just hold the real money – commodities.

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