Blount County Commission Says “Up Yours”

In order to bring some order to the mess that is the Blount County Commission, the Blount County Libertarian Party has established a grading scale. Here’s the breakdown:

A – Participated in the discussion and voted to uphold the libertarian values of fiscal responsibility and/or personal liberty.
B – Did not participate, but voted to uphold libertarian values.
C – Participated in the discussion and voted against libertarian values.
F – Did not participate and voted against libertarian values

For the first several months of the new term, most of the commissioners have been receiving F’s. So at February’s Blount County Commission meeting, Jay Polk, Chair of the Blount County Libertarian Party,  stood before the commission and told them how to vote to receive an “A”. This involved voting against items E-2 through E-4 (which totaled $168,811 more spending), item E-5 (which pushes $50,000,000 worth of debt onto future Blount Countians and could possibly involve a property tax increase), item E7a-7j (new copier leases which total $14,672/yr.), and vote against item E-9 and abstain on item E-10 (based on the principle that the government should not have control over private property).

They could vote for item E-5 (which is a 12.8% reduction in the mayor’s yearly salary to $103,315) and vote for item E-8 (road classification with the State).

With a resounding “up yours”, the County Commission voted for all of the spending increases as well as the delayed debt payment.

It is obvious that these Republican commissioners lied to you when they said they were “fiscal conservatives”, that they were against tax increases, and that they wanted to leave a better Blount County for our children. How long will you keep letting them fool you?

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