The Video that Convinced a Friend that Ron Paul is the Candidate to Lead Our Country

A local Tea Partier and friend wasn’t happy with the 4 GOP candidates, although he liked Ron Paul domestically.  He felt that Ron Paul was probably the best of the bunch, but he had reservations about his foreign policy.  After seeing this video he emailed me and asked me if I had seen Ron Paul’s predictions, most of which have come true.  I responded that I had.  My friend was amazed at Ron Paul’s wisdom and ability to predict the future and he early voted for Ron Paul as a result.  After voting, he emailed me that Ron Paul is causing him to rethink some of his positions. 

I ask you, the voters, what other candidate causes you to think so deeply about what you believe and why?  When Ron Paul ran 4 years ago, I was delighted at his freedom message.  I thought then that I had a pretty strong foundation for what I believe and why, but Ron Paul has challenged me to fully examine my beliefs and thanks to him, they are stronger than ever.

I was so disgusted with politics that in 2004 I didn’t even vote. I am eternally grateful for Ron Paul, because he showed me that it is possible to lead by example. He is a class act. There will never be another Ron Paul in my lifetime, although I’d love to see another.

In this video, Ron Paul predicts the housing crisis and he predicts several consequence of our foreign policy.  My friend was able to see that if Ron Paul could accurately predict domestic issues that perhaps he could be right on foreign policy as well.  There are several videos like this on the net, showing Ron Paul correctly predicting the problems that we currently face, but since this is the one that convinced my friend, I have posted it for all to see.  You can read Paul’s predictions in the Congressional Record here.

Let freedom ring!


2 thoughts on “The Video that Convinced a Friend that Ron Paul is the Candidate to Lead Our Country

  1. I’ve seen this video before .. and I absolutely love this man. He has more wisdom than the entire body of Congress combined. He is the only candidate who will get my vote!

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