Commissioner Peggy Lambert Requested Attorney General’s Investigation on Tea Party Founders LTE

At the September 6, 2011 Blount County Commission Agenda meeting, Peggy Lambert expressed outrage about a letter to the editor, written by a founder of the local Smoky Mountain Tea Party Patriots.  You can read the LTE here.  Peggy took offense to the letter, because she felt that the writer, Mary Cook, implied that Commissioners take bribes.  The letter does not name Commissioner Lambert and the last paragraph with the statement about bribes provides a list of goals by Mrs. Cook rather than an accusation that our Commissioners are taking bribes.  The first two setences of the last paragraph do address the Commission, but I see no accusation of Commissioners taking a bribe in the last paragraph.  Why is Commissioner Lambert so outraged at a generic statement of goals?

Lambert was so outraged that she stated that she consulted with an attorney who advised her to take the letter to the Attorney General for an investigation.  She then stated “The person who wrote the letter, you know who you are.  The Attorney General is asking that you come to his office with the proof and the names of the Commissioners and if he deems that there is merit he will ask for an investigation from the TBI.”  Mary Cook was not present at the meeting.  Lambert further stated that she was asking for an investigation by the Attorney General and concluded by saying, “If these accusations are not substantiated, then it will become a civil matter.”

This raises some important questions, did the Attorney General conduct an investigation based on this letter to the editor?  If so, was any evidence of bribery found and have any charges been filed?  I don’t know of any charges being filed.  Furthermore, if the allegations were not substantiated, then did Commissioner Lambert make this a civil matter by filing a civil suit?  If not, why?

This letter to the editor is listed under the opinion section.  People say false things about politicians every day and law suits aren’t filed over those statements.  Commissioner Lambert wasn’t even named in the letter to the editor and none of the other 20 Commissioners have expressed outrage about the letter at a public meeting.  It appears that Commissioner Peggy Lambert is overly touchy and it makes me wonder why.

Commissioner Lambert is also the National Committeewoman for the Republican Party of Tennessee.  Aren’t Republicans suppose to like Tea Partiers and have similar goals?  Perhaps not.

In my opinion, Commissioner Lambert is trying to bully people and she needs to be called on it.  She also threatened to sue Commissioner Folts for his comments on the Blount County PBA.  This appears, to me, to be a tactic to scare people against speaking out about the waste in Blount County government.  If an investigation was done and no bribery found, no charges filed and no civil action taken against the letter writer, then Commissioner Lambert should apologize to the taxpayers for wasting taxpayer resources on a frivolous investigation.

A man who had attended a previous Commission meeting shared with me that Commissioner Lambert complained about the lenght of one of the meetings, saying if the meetings are going to run long that she’s going to have to be paid more.  He responded that he didn’t think that the Commissioners should be paid anything for this debacle.  He said Commissioner Lambert looked stunned.  Perhaps Commissioner Lambert has forgotten that she’s a public servant.

3 thoughts on “Commissioner Peggy Lambert Requested Attorney General’s Investigation on Tea Party Founders LTE

  1. Ms. Lambert,

    I have read the LTE in the Daily Times and am in a quandary on how you think that the last paragraph amounts to a explicit statement of bribery on the part of the Commission, but rather that new candidates would be welcome and a list of desired traits are given.

    Perhaps even the use of bribery is unintentional. The writer could have referred to any manner of gratuitous favors or time-delinked, or non-in-kind quid-pro-quo. It need not really be defined so strongly….most people know it when they see it!

  2. It appears to me that Commissioner Lambert needs to be replaced and sooner rather than later. It appears to me she lacks the professionalism it takes to be in this type of position. She forgets she is a servant of the people. I hope the people remember this event when she is running again for Commissioner and you run someone against her that knows their role as a public servant. My mother always said ONLY THE TRUTH HURTS. Hmmmmm I believe you doth protest too much.

  3. If the commissioners were paid on their value to the community, the ones who would receive even one dime could be counted on one hand

    I always heard: The truth only hurts when you’ve told a lie!

    Does that apply in this situation?

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