Tennessee Primary Math

These observations were shared with me by Eric Holcombe.

I noticed some strange numbers in the Republican primary results. See what you think.

1. Statewide votes for Romney: 153,372  Now Romney was the only candidate with 14 at-large delegates, meaning if you were a Romney supporter, you should have been able to cast all 14 of your at-large delegate votes for committed Romney delegates. Here’s the thing. The highest vote tally for any Romney at-large delegate was Winfield Dunn with 109,210 votes. Big percentage loss there. Winfield arguably has very good name recognition. Here’s my question: why did a MINIMUM of 29% of Romney voters not vote for a single Romney delegate (since Winfield received the most of their votes)? Who did that minimum 29% vote for instead (or didn’t they vote for delegates at all)?

2. Statewide votes for Gingrich: 132,017 Gingrich had 10 at-large delegates, so if you supported Gingrich you should have cast 10 of your 14 for them and maybe or maybe not use the other four. The highest vote tally for any Gingrich at-large delegate was John Gardner with 122,172 votes. Here again, a significant discrepancy (a MINIMUM of 7.5%) between those who voted for Gingrich and those who voted for Gingrich’s delegates. Now consider this: Campfield received the second highest amount of votes for at-large delegates, listed as a Gingrich commitment but verbally claiming to be a Santorum delegate. You would think that the confused Santorum voters who get to the delegate portion of the ballot and see that Santorum STILL HAS ZERO DELEGATES, might cast at least one of their 14 votes for Campfield in defiance of the Gingrich name on the ballot. So, why didn’t a single one of the Gingrich delegates get close to the same votes that Gingrich did?

3. Those confused Santorum voters. Highest statewide vote total at 204,333, but where did their delegate votes go since Santorum STILL HAS ZERO DELEGATES? That’s a heck of a lot of votes that just don’t seem to be there. What did they do? Cast no delegate votes? Vote only for the uncommitted delegates? Vote for Stacey and the three 2nd district delegates that verbally committed to Santorum but showed up as committed to Gingrich on the ballot? Not vote for any delegates? Obviously they didn’t all do the same thing, and a VERY LARGE number of them had to not vote in order for the reported results to be true.

4. Ron Paul votes. For some reason, these are exactly opposite of the Romney and Gingrich votes and make even less sense. Statewide votes for Paul: 49,740. Now look at the at-large delegates committed to Paul. The highest is Gary Allen with 69,880 votes. Next is Donna K. Appleget with 62,302. So we are supposed to believe that over 20,000 NON-Ron Paul voters voted for his delegates. Well, you do get 14 of those votes and it just so happens that Allen and Appleget are number 13 and 14 names down the list on the ballot, so it will probably be said that Republican voters are dumb and don’t understand the whole delegate thing, so they just went down the list and voted for the first 14 names, even though they have a candidate’s name out there they don’t want to vote for. Plus you’ve got all those Santorum voters who don’t know what to do because Santorum STILL HAS ZERO DELEGATES. I’ve already shown you the vast majority of them couldn’t have voted for delegates at all. Here’s the other problem with that theory. The other Paul delegates. Crenshaw, Davis, Ellis, Pedigo and Perry all fall outside the first names on the ballot and all received more than 50,000 votes. So why did all these voters vote for Ron Paul delegates but NOT vote for Ron Paul?

Still think there’s no funny business going on? Can’t figure out a way for all this to be blamed on Dem crossovers voting goofy if they came in big for Santorum. That only possibly answers #3. They would avoid Romney and Paul because Obamney appeals to Dems cause he is Obama (R) and Paul to those anti-war Dems with Obama buyer’s remorse. They would push Gingrich or Santorum.

Somebody is messing with these numbers.

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