3,800+ Bills: Have we gone mad?

There are over 3,800 proposed bills during the 107th General Assembly.  It is always good to be open to improving ourselves individually and collectively.  Government is rarely efficient or effective at anything that it does and there is much room for improvement, but these 3,800 proposed changes are only for a 2 year time frame.  This is the 107th General Assembly, and we’re in our 216th year of governance as the State of Tennessee.  Any society that feels it needs to change itself 3,800+ times, in 2 years, after having over 200 years to establish society is either a terribly run and morally bankrupt society, or it is a society which has gone insane.  Perhaps it’s some of both.

Tennessee is just one State, among 50.  These 3,800+ proposed bills don’t include the thousands of bills proposed by the federal government and numerous bills proposed by localities. 

Of course there’s some overlap and duplicate bills in the 3,800+ bills and some of these bills are the same bills which have been reintroduced for many years.  Some of these bills are well intentioned and may make our lives better by improving efficiency and reducing waste.  Some may provide services which are needed, but lacking.  Others may be to protect our freedoms, which is the whole reason to have government in the first place.  But does anyone believe that we need to alter our society 3,800+ times every 2 years? 

Surely, our society isn’t so vile that it needs to be altered 3,800+ times.  If it is this reprehensible, then it’s time to abolish government, rather than pretending that our system of governance and society can be fixed if we just alter or reform it 3,800+ times every 2 years.  3,800 proposed changes are reflective of the moral decay and ignorance within our society, and decay and ignorance of such severity will never be solved by civil government.

One thought on “3,800+ Bills: Have we gone mad?

  1. But perhaps the need to change so much every 2 years is because every time it is just a small change until in the end when all the changes are added together it becomes a huge change that no one legislator could have imagined with just his/her small change
    Then there is always the one word change – but changing” voluntary” to “mandatory” is a BIG change for example
    I always wonder who in the legislator’s constituency asked for some of these bills

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