Where are the Republican “front-runners” on this?

By Eric Holcombe

Or “other Republicans” (including Ron Paul, John Boehner, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Jimmy Duncan) or the “Media” (including Drudge and Beck) or “the Democrats”, etc? They are talking about gas prices, the oil pipeline to nowhere and etch-a-sketches and jokes about “flat-earthers” instead.

What is President Obama so afraid of?

Don’t be fooled. This executive order is long and took a while to put together. Obama sure didn’t craft it himself and it is being implemented with little fanfare from either Big Two party – exactly as intended. In fact, it is an amendment of older business by both Big Two parties (see the end).

Unless your candidate for President of the US will vow to repeal this unconstitutional garbage (as an executive order, this is the definition by default), you shouldn’t vote for them. Obama is already a lame duck. This is part of the reason more outrageous lawlessness will be perpetrated by Obama in his remaining days. He is designed to lose the election. Romney WILL be the RNC’s chosen one and will be the winner between he and Obama. The “conservative Republican” calls are already beginning for Santorum the sacrificial anode to quit. The familiar phrase “a vote for anybody but Romney is a vote for Obama” will be heard very soon.

But neither party will change this executive order. You need to be asking why.

Are you thinking, “so, what – this is only for use “in times of war””?

Remember that undeclared “war on terror” thing? The one that can never end because we didn’t declare war against a defined enemy that can be defeated? We are now permanently “in times of war”. You are now the terrorist. You and your food or your car or your tractor or the parts for your car or tractor or your medicine. Your garden is a threat to national defense. The government will just steal it and force you into service. And if you read closely, it doesn’t have to be “in times of war” or “emergencies” but also in “peacetime”.


I welcome any suggestions. Your search can begin in 1994 with Bill Clinton and Executive Order 12919 and then its amendment in 2003 by Executive Order 13286 by George W. Bush who altered it to include the Dept. of Homeland Security (the unconstitutional federal army policing the citizens). This latest executive order is just another amendment.

Think about what this all means when you realize it started LONG before what you know as the “war on terror”. Who held the congressional majority back in 1994 again? Who was there spouting off about Contract with America again? Wasn’t there something about a girl in a blue dress? Maybe you’d also like to review the balance of power from 2003. Nobody is clean here.

If your hope is in a political party, it is misplaced.

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