Agenda Recap: Bureaucrats Can Take Money without Commission Approval

Last night’s Commission meeting provided a civics lesson on why universal brotherhood will never be achieved through civil government.  If the government employees had left the Commission meeting room, it would have been nearly empty, despite having a sales tax increase on the agenda.  Overlords are free to do as they wish when the people don’t show up.

There were public hearings before the meeting on a couple of road/land items on the agenda.  I set there wondering how we ever got to where local government has the authority to approve or disapprove and micromanage nearly ever land usage for each parcel of property.  It occurred to me that I could have been out eating Chick-fil-a (although I don’t eat chicken) and watching the Olympics (bread and circus) like everyone else.  Maybe the Commission should sell popcorn, beer, pretzels and pizza and have main events, for items like tax increases.  Although, I am sure that government would find a way to lose money on the concessions.  After all, the popcorn popper would need free health insurance at taxpayer expense.

Seriously, when did we fall so far into tyranny that we have to beg and grovel before a board of overlords just to use our property or pave a road?

The main event was the sales tax referendum.  Commissioner Lail said that the elephant was in the room, referring to Alcoa voters approving a referendum to increase the sales tax from 9.25 to 9.75.  What should have been said is that the RINO was in the room because the all Republican Commission approved sending the item to the full Commission 19-0.

Charter amendments to the Childrens Home were on the agenda, sponsored by Tab Burkhalter.  He babbled some nonsense about how the amendments would keep the County from being liable, even though the County serves as trustee.  The Commission wound up sending it to the mayor’s attorney for an opinion on what to do because no one on the Commission knew what the Commission’s role is for the Children’s Home in the trust documents.  It’s bewildering that a Commissioner would bring forth charter amendments without knowing what they’re suppose to be doing in the first place.

The county archivist was seeking approval to apply for grants to get money to get plans to move County records to the old Cermaspeed building on McArthur Road.  Tab Burkhalter suprised me, somewhat redeeming himself with a rare moment of logic, by asking why we needed grant money to have someone develop plans to move the records, when we could go ahead and move them.  The archivist told the Commission that the old Ceramaspeed building doesn’t have a sufficient air and ventilation system to store the records.  This is one of the problems that Commission Folts, then citizens Folts, warned about when the Commission bought the old inadequate building.  The Commission never should have purchased such a big old building that lacked adequate infrastructure and amenities to serve it’s needs.  Who knows how much more we taxpayers will have to spend to fix up the old building.

Perhaps even worse was the problem that came to light when a point of order was made by Commissioner Moon, because the request wasn’t even in resolution form.  This led to a discussion about whether bureaucrats can obtain grant money without obtaining Commission approval.  Commissioners Farmer and Burkhalter agreed that they can so long as it doesn’t require matching funds.  If the county agent wants county money then they will need to seek Commission approval.  This sets a dangerous standard that lead me to speak off the Agenda.

I asked the Commission what would happen if a county employee wanted to take grant money from the United Nations to implement Agenda 21.  What happens if someone within County government takes money from the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Queda, or the Taliban?  This policy is nuts!

When I finished, I heard Commissioner Ken Melton say thank you.  I believe that he was agreeing with me that this policy is nuts, although I will stand corrected if he wasn’t.  I tried reviewing the Commission video but am getting no sound at the moment.

For the record, I don’t believe there is a jihadist on every street corner and I certainly don’t want a police state to keep us “safe”.  I used extreme examples to show why this policy is reckless.

Keep fighting tyrants.  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  James 4:7

2 thoughts on “Agenda Recap: Bureaucrats Can Take Money without Commission Approval

  1. Never ceases to amaze me that no one knows exactly what the procedures are and even when they do they don’t nudge the person who is not directly involved so that the procedures are followed
    As for the grant applications: I would think that anyone can apply for any grant at any time; the question is “Can they accept it?” It seems that even grants that are without matching always come before the budget committee and commission for permission to accept (permission is always granted); pre-approval for matching funds would seem to be necessary, but that’s just ME!
    I would think that somewhere there would be a procedures manual, but then this is BC gov’t!

    • Yes, I don’t have a problem with preapplying and then bringing it to the Commission, but it should be brought to the Commission for approval regardless of whether matching funds are involved.

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