Nullify REAL ID or Get Ready for a Global ID Card

It wasn’t so long ago, that our parents and grandparents fought a world war and were victorious against the genocidal tyrant Adolf Hitler, who pushed for world government and had implemented a papers please society in Germany.  Unfortunately most Americans today don’t realize that we also live in a “papers please” society.

What are these papers? 

Your driver’s license or “state issued” ID card. 

In 2005, under the guise of fighting terrorism, the federal government passed REAL ID as an amendment to a tsunami relief bill, without any debate in the Senate.  It had failed twice before as a standalone bill, but as Rham Emanuel said, the government never wants to waste a good crisis.  In a bill for financial aid to tsunami victims, the District of Criminals (DC) thrust a global ID card on this country.

REAL ID is an unconstitutional mandate with 18 benchmarks for the driver’s license (DL) and State issued ID cards.  The Department of Homeland Security adopted the International Civil Aviation Organization, an U.N. agency, standard for the digital facial photographic image on driver’s licenses.  The photo must be facial recognition compatible linking you to a global ID card that affects your ability to buy, sell and travel. 

The cost of REAL ID implementation is enormous, resulting in the States resurrecting the founding fathers method of dealing with federal tyranny, which is nullification.  In essence, nullification occurs when the states tell the federal government we’re not going to take unconstitutional orders from you and we refuse to comply.

If only it were that simple.  Despite about half of the States enacting laws prohibiting or resolutions opposing REAL ID, most States are actually working toward compliance of all 18 benchmarks

Why are States proceeding ahead with REAL ID? 

In 2009, Tennessee passed HJR 285 urging a two year extension for REAL ID compliance or repeal of the act in its entirety.  The Tennessee Department of Safety ignored this resolution and accepted federal grant money, which paid only a small portion of the cost, to implement REAL ID.  Bureaucrats rarely resist the intoxicating urge of “free” grant money, no matter what it commits us to. 

The TN Dept. of Safety recently announced a new driver’s license complying with REAL ID benchmarks and on March 24 introduced State legislators to a new self-service DL and ID kiosk where you’ll be able to renew your global ID card without waiting in line at the Dept. of Safety.  How will the kiosk know it’s you?  Face recognition software will compare your face with your current picture on file.   This means the globalist already have a biometric photo of you and that one world government is coming unless you peacefully resist it now.  You can resist now or resist later, but we have a better chance if you start right now!

Call your State legislators, and the House and Senate Transportation Committees and ask them to support HB1874 and SB1638 to ban REAL ID in Tennessee, although this is not enough.  State nullification of REAL ID is step one, and we must build upon that. 

What else can you do?

6 thoughts on “Nullify REAL ID or Get Ready for a Global ID Card

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  2. This is Tyranny at it’s utmost – I implore you NOT to allow this Global IDing of Tennessee’s citizens and hence, bringing in the forthcoming One World Government which is spoken of in the Bible. I just pray that we can resist this EVIL a bit longer until we’ve won more souls to the Grace of God through His Son, Christ and then those who are in Christ will be removed from this World “in the twinkling of any eye” and the last 7 years begin…with the Anti-Christ at the helm. It’s NOT a Fairy Tale, my friends; it’s happening and yet, those who help to bring it on will be judged more harshly than the ones who resist. May the Grace of God, through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, save us ALL. Amen! Only a crazy man thinks he can reject God and not suffer the consequences of his own personal choice. I set before you life and death; choose life! (God even tells us which is the right answer so we have NO EXCUSE!!!)

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