The Republican Party is made manifest

By Eric Holcombe

The GOP sold its soul some time ago. You are finally seeing documented evidence of it. If you have eyes to see.

Let’s say you don’t like Romney (and I know there’s a 70%+ chance those of you in TN didn’t vote for him in the primary). Maybe the fact that forced recognition of gay marriage in this country all began in Massachusetts due to an executive order by him, or that socialized state healthcare in this country began via Romneycare, or that Goldman Sachs is his #1 donor just like Barry Sotero four years ago, or that he claims a religion that denies the deity of Christ are issues for you. I can understand why 70%+ of you didn’t vote for him. Then let’s say you also don’t like Ron Paul. Maybe his crazy foreign policy of requiring Congress to declare war according to the Constitution before we invade is a problem, or you think he wouldn’t invade enough countries soon enough, or you believe that the hand of God is short and He cannot preserve Israel if we don’t pre-emptively help Him out.

I ask you this: why can’t the Republican party get a single man out of the hundreds of millions in this country that matches what you are looking for? Are you that unreasonable and hard to please? Is it really impossible to locate a man that believes in their party platform (or the Constitution) when supposedly all members of their party do? Why do you think you have to settle for the non-choice that the Big Two give you time after time? And even when you vote in their private political club elections (paid for by all taxpayers) at primary time, they just erase your votes if they feel like it, or change their rules so the chosen one “wins”. Don’t you have to wonder what would happen if Santorum, Gingrich, Cain, Perry, and Bachmann didn’t drop out? I hope you can see that many of these candidacies are shills, designed to give you some facet of what you want while campaigning (“hot” woman, evangelical, non-white, pro-military/patriot, finance reform, sharp wit), but none of them a complete package – even though they should allegedly agree with one another on all these “conservative” platform planks. They are designed to appeal to certain population groups, to hook you into the party playoffs and just accept that the chosen one at the end of the tournament represents the “best” of these. However, it is left for you to assume that surely he represents all these views, even when your votes for Newt and Santorum are being erased.

Of course, the Democrats are just as bankrupt. They are running the same candidate that has provided them several forged birth certificates and multiple social security numbers, kept few promises, made several appointments of criminals (before or after appointment), “because he is the incumbent”. Just as I told you months ago, suddenly Obama, the “least popular president of all time” who has done nothing to improve his position, is reportedly giving presumptive nominee Romney (who would win by any means necessary) a “neck-and-neck” race and your vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama.

If I had to be loyal to a political party, it wouldn’t be one that changes/erases my votes or deletes duly elected delegates or changes the rules as necessary at every stage so a few people are kept happy/paid for or to maintain a fraudulent appearance of unanimity. Maybe your loyalty comes cheaper than mine, but it shouldn’t. I think the private political club parties serve no practical good. I agree with George Washington. You should read his farewell address regarding political parties just as they were being formed in America, almost 60 years before the Republican party even existed. See if they haven’t become exactly what George said they would.

So why do we continue to choose a king that is not good for us, so that we can avoid another king that is not good for us? Soon I will write to you about “choosing the shade of the bramble”. If you want to look ahead, see Judges chapters 6-9.

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