The Republican Party is made manifest Parts 2 and 3

Part 2 by Eric Holcombe!

After cheating at many local and state levels, including Tennessee declaring Santorum the Republican presidential primary “winner” even though he didn’t have a single delegate on the ballot, the Republican party is not satisfied with Mitt Romney simply winning the nomination of their party for king, uh, I mean president. They now have officially transformed into a party that would not have allowed their idol Ronald Reagan a chance to be their party nominee over incumbent Gerald Ford in 1976. How did that work out for the GOP with Dick Cheney and James Baker’s “behind the scenes” help? President Jimmy Carter.

All your Republican primary votes can simply be cancelled “officially” now according to the scripted rule change ram-rodded by John Bailout Boehner in true Boss Hogg Jimmy Naifeh fashion. Do you know who is choosing the king for you? It’s crystal clear that it isn’t you. But, in Tennessee, we are still required to pay taxes for the now openly fraudulent primary elections by the private political clubs. Note that this isn’t your so-called “right to vote” (not in the constitution) and it isn’t guaranteed, because it is merely part of the private political club operations. This is why the private political clubs can cheat however they want: cancel your votes, change your votes, pretend your votes don’t exist, change the rules as they go, drive your representatives around in a bus so they can’t vote, become deaf to obvious vocal objections, whatever it takes.

Why would you pay for that? Why would you declare allegiance to such an organization and blindly vote for whatever king they (pre)select for you? Even though 70%+ of you didn’t want Romney according to our now meaningless votes, Bailout Boehner and the RNC “can’t hear you”.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure that these same private political clubs that run your local election commissions and local polls are totally legit when it comes to counting your legally binding votes in the general elections. Aren’t you? I mean, do they understand they can just throw your votes away on their private political club primary elections you pay for, but not any of the other ones?

Part 3 by Eric Holcombe

So what happens when you don’t follow the RNC orders to coronate the (pre)selected king and instead vote your conscience with integrity?

While you are probably hearing about Clint Eastwood…here’s a little testimony from the duly elected delegates from Maine who were replaced by the RNC at the convention. I guess the Republican voters in Maine are o.k. with that….aren’t they?

Here is elected Arkansas alternate delegate John Honey breaking it down for you.

Who is selecting your king?

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