Senate Report on DHS and Fusion Center Waste & Unaccountability

The Canada Free Press has an article about the Senate Report showing waste and unaccountability.  Government studies itself routinely and finds waste, mismanagement and no need for it’s existence, but it rarely if ever actually shrinks of abolishes itself.  The solution is usually to pile higher and deeper on the problem in hopes that it will magically fix the problem.

No terrorist activity found in 13 months should be sufficient reason to abolish Fusion Centers, but government will probably give them more money to “fix” the problems.

Reports that are not proper to disseminate are being stored indefinitely, kinda like people in Guantamo who have not been charged with any crime.  This article says that 4 of the 72 don’t even exist.  This article says there are 77, but why believe that figure when DHS lied about the number that exist?  Here are some good questions and points about the wasteful, unaccountable police state known as DHS and Fusion Centers.  Like this article says, it’s hard to fail or be inefficient, when you don’t even have a mission.  Although I think the mission is quite clear.  It’s just not publicly stated.

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